Such operations are completely erased personality person. Reached that patients left the hospital completely alike as twins. The thing is, that the then surgeons did not take into account the topography of the patient's face, put it more simply – pulled, while stretching. Currently being used new, more advanced systems face lift, which take into account the individuality of each patient. The third generation is based on creating tucks to fatty tissue. This method is applied to the present day in patients older than 60 years, often in order to reduce operation time.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that facial skin is more intensively starts to produce collagen, which gives it great flexibility. In 1992 it became possible to perform operations on more higher level. It was then that the knowledge gained allowed to operate in the muscle structure of the face, which was the beginning of the modern facelift. At the moment, have been used for the fifth and sixth generation of lift face. But a higher effect was achieved at the expense of ongoing operations.

Surgeons penetrate almost to the bone of the skull the patient, but result from this is amazing, and the postoperative period is considerably complicated. In particular after the operation you have to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days. Incidentally, in these days your face will swell more and more, but do not rush to blame the doctors, somewhere, in a week puffiness completely subsided. In addition, after surgery, you will not have to wash your hair, use makeup for a week, painted hair, go to the sauna will be available only after a month. Information on sport can also be forgetting to bude six weeks. After the operation is often a skin pigmentation, you see, the phenomenon of unpleasant, but usually goes away after 5-6 months. It is also worth to put up with hair loss at the incision site. Lovers (and professionals) to smoke the same way it is worth considering before going under the surgeon's knife. The fact that heavy smokers may develop after the operation the neurosis edges of skin grafts, as well as the weakness of the facial muscles. In conclusion, I would like to say that every age is beautiful on svoymu. Is it worth risking that would look like 7-8 years younger.