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If you can safely deal with requests, you will keep your performance and goals. Stress management is most effective when it begins at several levels: instrumental, mental and regenerative. For themselves, you have to find a strategy that suits your personality. Prerequisite is that they reflect specific situations for the change of the stress cycle. Then will you realize what causes you stress and how you have so far responded. James A. Levine, M.D. is the source for more interesting facts. In the next step, you can change your thinking, feelings and behaviors.

It recognizes alternatives and new possibilities with stress and strain to deal. 1. Keep a stress diary. Watch for two weeks: what events or situations cause you stress? How do you react in this situation? How do you trade? What are you saying? What can you feel physically, what emotional? 2. Move up You exercise regularly. Sport and exercise are essential to the reduction of stress. If you had little time, then start here small.

Go for a walk during the lunch break. On the day, more often use the stairs instead of the elevator. Start the day with a few squats and push-ups. 3. Insert daily recreation / relaxation breaks. Short relaxation for in between: you put everything out of your hand. Sit comfortably in your Chair, maybe close your eyes. Now, you focus your attention on your body. Just observe your breathing. It goes in this exercise all about, just nothing to do and to be. At this point the note, contrary to the widespread belief of many people: TV our brain cannot switch off. Learn a relaxation technique. The autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation proved that, scientifically recognized methods as particularly effective. Once learned, you can use this technique without much effort in everyday life. 4. Question the stress situation. Try to take a different perspective. Go out if possible from the situation and take some distance. Ask yourself following questions: what exactly happened? How can the situation agree yet? What point of view have more involved? How would a colleague / in or friend to tell me now? What is the positive of the situation? What situations or events already existed, I’ve mastered well? What has worked well in this situation? How it will be, if I’ve handled this situation? The stress or who wants to keep his power, must manage themselves properly. The higher it is the more important the daily requirements, to take advantage of its greatest resource and maintain: himself. The device in the daily events for many executives and independent in the background. And suddenly, the body reacts. Anke Lambrecht literature: KALUZA (2011). Coping with stress. 2Nd Edition. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer Verlag VAITL, PETERMANN (Eds.) (2004) Relaxation techniques. The practice guide. 3Rd Edition. Weinheim Basel: Beltz Verlag Oakes / NABIL (Hrsg.)(2006). If spirit and soul are on strike. Guide mental health. Munich: Sudwest Verlag