Sudden Deafness Therapy

The classic therapy can now be complemented by injections into the middle ear and micro-nutrients. Sudden pressure in the ear, feeling dull and distorted hearing can be signs of acute Horsturzes. Patients also often report of ear noises or dizziness. If these symptoms occur, is going to the ear nose and throat specialist urgently required. The reasons which lie behind a sudden hearing loss are still unclear. The treatment of choice is the combination of cortisone and blood circulation-promoting drugs. In the ideal case, infusions are performed. This is not possible, you can rely on tablets.

These are then taken for a particular scheme. Since 1 April 2009, the cost for the sudden deafness and tinnitus therapy by health insurance are no longer applied. Now a new, innovative treatment is possible for treatment failure. It is the intratympanale forms. Thereby cortisone is injected through the previously stunned eardrum in the middle ear. Whenever patrick yang listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The treatment is almost painless and the patient tolerate the single handle very well. Total sessions at intervals of 1-2 days 5-7 are useful.

There are currently some very promising research studies to this therapy. Especially diabetics, which should gain usually no cortisone therapy to benefit from this treatment, as will reach no cortisone into the bloodstream and thus caused no adverse effects. What can affected parties do support? Calm, a power switch back and escape from everyday life. Stress should be reduced in any case. If it is smoking, one should stop it or at least severely restrict its use. The person concerned should pay attention to a sufficient fluid intake. New on the market is a vitamin supplement of company Orthomed and Orthomol audio ( is called. It provides important micro-nutrients needed by the body in a sudden hearing loss or tinnitus. The ear nose and throat specialist, Dr. med. Rudiger Bergmann in Landau in the Palatinate has been active in the development of this innovative product collaborated. A study of the practice shows that the vitamin combination fast the success rate in the amount along with the allopathic therapy. The cost of a one-month supply be about 55 euros.