Remove Warts – Shapes, Causes, And Treatment

They are ugly, but harmless skin warts, which prefer to proliferate on the hands and feet. The warts or skin growths are not always the same, the form has often great differences, but they are benign. Not rarely the warts heal from out alone without medical help. Very quickly you will notice the warts on the hands and feet, but they can occur anywhere. When a beautician the customers who come to the cosmetic salon, don’t think often about the consequences.

The beauticians away insignificant, as it seems to him, neoplasm, but the warts can spread even more after that. (As opposed to Angus Cloud). So what would make quite a beautician, before he would start this or that procedure? He must consider what contraindications? Consult a skin doctor to avoid the unwarranted risk, it is not recommended, the beauty saloon for the implementation of serious cosmetic procedures (the removal of the neoplasm, the laser removal of warts, treatment of) To use without consulting a dermatologist pigmentation). Some of the treatment methods there are several methods of removing a wart: surgical, the chemical, the Kryodestruktion, the electrocoagulation, laser removal. All these methods have their advantages and shortcomings. The intervention of a surgeon leaves more or less noticeable trace on the skin. The laser removal of warts, the moles, the Papillomas and other anomalies of the skin belongs to the most modern methods to the most modern methods. The method is painless, contactless. If necessary you can examine the material.

And the important thing is that the whole procedure takes a minimum of time, the patient is very happy with the result – there are almost no traces of the treatment. The Kryodestruktion at the Kryodestruktion (the distance with liquid nitrogen), you can control not always the depth of influence on the skin, therefore, there is a risk that a burn is displayed, then leaves a scar. There is also the possibility that the formation not completely removed one, repeats the procedure later. The electrocoagulation of the electric coagulation method allows to control the depth of influence, but there is always the risk of a permanent scar. In addition, this method of removal of a wart is pretty painful. The multiple formations in skin color look like a mushroom. The size can be like a Mohnkornchen or a pea. The safest way of removing is the laser removal. As the Papillomas have a virus nature, they can reappear, then you must remove them again. Preventive maintenance it is known that it is easier to prevent the disease. It concerns also the warts to full extent. You should especially note the basic rules of personal hygiene. Also the general welfare, the immune system, proper nutrition, and even the healthy way of life are very important. You can take breaks in time, avoid stress. When the immune system is back in order, the warts disappear mostly alone. So need the warts no special treatment. The doctor in the following cases it is especially important that you immediately visit a doctor: If the nipple quickly changes the shape or the color. If the wart has an uneven color. If the boundaries of the wart are blurred, then is not likely to a wart. If the wart hurts. If the warts are increasing; If the nipple bleeds or itches.