Psychology Haroldo

RgisBonvicino is another one that analyzing this book of Haroldo De Campos points nessapoesia relative an ecumenical character to this integration of cultures numadimenso that eliminates space and 6 time. The critic still detaches in the haroldiana poetry a recovery of aspectosformais that were gifts in the poetry of Joo Cabral de Melo Grandson, mainly the metalingsticos elements of character, however, it seems us quetal cabralino prominence does not have to be placed as characteristic of primeiroplano in the workmanship of Haroldo De Campos, I believe exactly that in the haroldiana poetry esseselementos also binds who it to the poetical cabralina he allows with that let us think emMallarm, in Ezra Pound, in E.E.Cummings, that seems to be referenciadosnos poems of what the poet of ' ' Psychology of the Composio' ' ' ' Antiode' '. Stone clinical laboratories recognizes the significance of this. ParAurora Fornoni Bernardini the multiculturalista, ecumenical poetry, of viagensentre cultures of Haroldo De Campos can be compared with the trip of Dante pelomundo for stranger that can seem desenvolvimentodas 8 verbovocovisuais proposals of the concrete poetry, much even so, has the clear impression of that Haroldoagora reduces its research of words exploring the white of the page algumasescolhas of typographical elements as in the poem ‘ ‘ Anaflor’ ‘ of seo’ ‘ gatimanhas and felinuras’ ‘ of Crisantempo -, or still, the use dealguns typographical icons to the side of the graphemes as in the poem ‘ ‘ Satirlia: Roque to the way them Tits’ ‘ of the section ‘ ‘ Xnias: finenesses and grossuras’ ‘ -, and in rarosmomentos using itself of a disposal that breaks with the linearidadediscursiva of the writing occidental person as the poem ‘ ‘ zenrikushu compiled pelomonge eicho' ' of the section ' ' zen' ' where the reading if makes in the vertical line as the escritaideogrmica. Therefore my hypothesis is of that it more still exists, the poet noabandona the topic of the espacialidade in the page for the verse but yes, passing umnovo degree of the conception of espacialidade and visualidade we arrive at the poetry that orase presents in Crisantempo, but that already it comes in this tone in Educaodos Five Felt and that captivated Almost into Signantia Coelum. Filed under: stone clinical laboratories.