Pediatric Audiology

In our HorCentren we offer solutions for people of all ages, as well as for the entire spectrum of hearing damage – even in the field of implantable hearing aids”, says Doris Vercelli. A task that is especially to the heart is the advice of impaired children and their parents. In addition to qualified employees, you need for this purpose a Special repertoire of methods, suitable premises and above all much peace and time. The more we glad to have created an institution which meets these requirements exactly in an excellent way our children HorCentrum.” The children HorCentrum is located in the Dieckmann Street 6-10 in 48161 Munster – phone: (02 51) 53 95 91 10, fax: (02 51) 53 95 91 11. The HorCentrum Munster find continue at the following locations: HorCentrum hammer Street: Hammer Strasse 6, 48153 Munster, telephone: (0251) 520 92 72, fax: (0251) 520 94 99. HorCentrum Westphalia road (including stop-implant-centrum): Westphalia road 156a, 48165 Munster, telephone: (02501) 922 99 30 Editorial Note: the HorCentrum is located in the hammer Street 6 in the Centre of Munster, in Westphalia road 156a (Munster Hiltrup) and Dieckmann Street 6-10 (Munster Gievenbeck). Doris Vercelli, the Managing Director of HorCentren, supply of hearing and other audiological products from leading manufacturers, hearing care for children, advice on tinnitus and noise sensitivity offers a comprehensive service for good listening, including hearing aid fitting with State of the art measurement technology, together with their employees. The HorCentren, to which also the stop implant Center on the site Hiltrup as well as the children HorCentrum at the site Gievenbeck, solutions for people of all ages, as well as for the entire spectrum of hearing damage.

Hearing care professional champion Doris Vercelli is a proven expert on advanced hearing aid technology and also has many years of experience in the care of impaired children, young people and adults. She was five years acoustician in the Department of Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology of the Westfalische Wilhelms Universitat Munster and was responsible for many hearing aid adjustments in children by implementing all the relevant hearing tests up to the regular check-ups. Another eight years Doris Vercelli worked as a product manager at the hearing aid manufacturer GN ReSound, where she performed in particular product training for hearing care professional and ENT clinics in the entire Federal territory.