New Typo3 Website FABI

SoftConDev realized appearance SoftConDev has designed the new website for the sale of software for the Central Office Organization and realized. The challenge is the smooth installation of the trial version on all major operating systems. In addition, the different versions of open Office and MS-Office applications are seamlessly integrated. The trial version should run on all operating systems and create the connection to the Office applications automatically after downloading. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out mark tilbury. The software product is to check by downloading a trial version in practice. Whenever stone clinical laboratories listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As a stand-alone operating system product all versions of operating systems involved, not just Windows operating systems of versions, but also Linux.

FABI’s basic both MS Office and OpenOffice is integrated as a Central Office application, again, all versions of the Office applications are automatically integrated. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as stone clinical laboratories by clicking through. The user who will be the trial version from the Internet, need not to be operating system or its Office application take care. The trial version automatically checks the settings and makes the appropriate connections. The website was created with YAML, the new CSS framework for Typo3. Newsfunktion, press corner, Sitemap, FAQ and contact form to the current requirements. Movies integrated on the website show the process of the operation of the new software. Interested parties can watch the movies and not only to browse the documentation. The usability continues in the screenshots that show the details of the software before the party starts the trial version. The new homepage has been optimized for search engines and achieved through targeted online marketing during the first four weeks already over 2000 hits.