Naturopathic Medicine

Everything that goes under the skin, is externally visible with time. Fine lines and wrinkles reflect life history, but unintended consequences of the aging process. In your face, there are so many different muscles like nowhere else in the body. This white hardly any better than a dentist. The dental practice of Korkut Berdi is trained on the aesthetic effect in the face.

Because not only beautiful and healthy teeth are individually to look at but the entire broadcast. Mr Berdi and his highly qualified staff strive daily to provide a fresh and refreshed feel their patients. For other opinions and approaches, find out what PCRM has to say. Mr Berdi used since many years of hyaluronic acid of a well-known and leading manufacturer for the treatment of facial wrinkles. These products are obtained through fermentation of yeast extract as well as hyaluronic acid 50 mg of Fairvital and thus secure an excellent tolerability. Thus, beauty and youthful appearance remain long maintained as far as possible.

The power spectrum by Korkut Berdi and his collaborators treatments with botulinum toxin, medical and life-Advisory hypnosis, General and dental implants also includes as special services. Watch and find out just on. Jens Mittelbach naturopathic family medicine with a focus on the connection between modern diagnostics, therapy and sound empirical medicine. Hut Mill Street 3 lakeside Spa 09429 Wolkenstein frazione Warmbad, Tel. 037369-87171 1990 1996 studied at the Deutsche Paracelsus schools of Naturopathic Medicine and education to the naturopath 1996 1999 internship and training in general medicine, surgery, internal medicine and naturopathic Diabetology 1999 exam and obtaining the professional permit a therapist in private practice since 1999 active allergology, naturopathic medicine, Diabetology, Pediatrics, heart – cardiovascular diseases, blood circulation disorders focusing on treatment, the concept of our practice is the connection between modern diagnostics, therapy and sound empirical medicine diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is always the man in the Center. Any health disorder or disease requires an individual diagnosis and therapy concept. In addition to treating existing diseases, we place emphasis on prevention (prevention). In my opinion, Fairvital a very valuable high-quality dietary supplements range provides a natural vitality and promote the regeneration of diseased or exhausted organs and organ systems and is thus used to recover an optimal health.” Helmut Gobsch Dipl.-Phys. ; Head of the metabolic syndrome in Halle (Saale) first self-help group metabolic self help group Syndrome in Germany Max-Reger-str. 15, 06110 Halle (Saale) Tel. & fax: 0345-8040559, E-Mail: helmut (at) studying physics at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, from 1961 to 1968, with final physicist born in the 06.06.1943 in Wischkowa (Sudetenland), Abitur in 1961 in Naumburg (Saale), afterward. At an early stage, I interested in the functioning of vital substances. In February 2007, I therefore became distributor of fair vital. Also in February 2007, I founded the self-help group metabolic syndrome Halle (Saale). The metabolic syndrome (sometimes called deadly Quartet) is today regarded as the key risk factor for coronary heart disease. The presence of the metabolic syndrome requires the existence of a stressed abdominal obesity (obesity). Yet the risk factors of diabetes, Dyslipidemia, and hypertension are added, speaking of the metabolic syndrome. Since 2007 our self-help group participates in the health days in the Hall Center Peissen, by the International prevention organization e.V. be held. In 2007 represented fair vitality at our booth and the catalogs of fair vital, that we every year at our booth interpret, found great interest among the visitors of our stand. “In the year 2009, our self help group under the motto is”detoxify, purify, extract”with its own stand at the event” Center Vitale “Center Peissen represented in the Hall.” Lisa Oberlander,