Kid Something

We are what they are – fat, thin, high, low and Andrei Kovalev knows that we can not blame, yes, we leave the resort and there kutim to loss of pulse, nothing can be done – by other us- taught, and we do not know how. We wake in the morning, and we kind of embarrassing, but it’s just before breakfast (at best – before lunch), yet failed to undergo treatment and are not. And away the soul to heaven. But where else in the world you will find generous fathers and husbands in the summer rest? – Kid, you won that wool rug? Please! And you won that car, nothing that she eighteenth you? Grab! How not corny, but two lives do not happen, not me, and not the author of this came up. Yes, it turns out that for holiday for the man to pay up to, during, and after a bit of it (this is for those who are not lucky or unlucky). And the gifts that we carry from a holiday – a separate issue, separate tragicomedy, but this will not.

Andrei Kovalev – he clear, has his own, he lives in the same country and city, if and sees something blackish, the ernichaet over him, knowing that all have their advantages and disadvantages. Life is good in that it is, in principle, the joy of the process and to what do you have – that this can be unsightly, the philosophy of Andrei Kovalev. This is not a call to live, but the proposal to look at life from a different angle: to enjoy the small, not to miss a lot. I was able to see rehearsal mono-play ‘two lives is not’ – it’s really fun and bright. Now – going to the premiere. But less than a year, from the moment that was released on ‘The day is full of life’, where the hall sometimes sobbing and moaning with laughter and recognition of themselves, the author goes further into the mountain. His favorite spectator and give him food for thought, he returns to the audience and something thoughtful, something that looked and in itself, and perhaps made its findings in its own estimated life. Two lives do not exist, just as there is a bad holiday, because apart from ourselves, in this and no one to blame. It is true after all? Admit it.