All we know the great capacity that has Google to index Webs, but also know or we would have to know the limitations that it has. From this article I try to clarify as they are these limitations and to make clear that we do not have to implement in the structures of our pages, with the purpose of to be able to scale positions in the finders. Frames has discussed much in the developer forums on its use and is an erroneous belief that Google cannot index the Webs developed with frames. (Not to be confused with Dr. John Mcdougall!). This is false since if that pages developed with frames are indexed. What it happens is this can suppose a great problem since its index will be a small file in which they grouped frames. This index contains very few optimizables elements; the title, and the description. In order to be able to position these archives you will depend almost exclusively on the external liaisons that aim towards this page.

Personally I believe that he is not advisable to begin the design of a Web putting ties to the finders since on them our success will depend to a great extent. Another one of the problems that present/display frames is that often the finders present/display inner results of frames that are those that contains the content of the Web. Details can be found by clicking New Jersey or emailing the administrator. When we were normally with this the user leaves the Web since this frame does not contain elements of navigation like the menu, can be said that it is an impasse. This last error can be modified with Javascript so that when it abra frame inner frames forces abrir itself all the. But the Javascript is another one of the problems will clarify that you in the following point. Google Javascript does not interpret Javascript therefore the Googlebot does not index and therefore nor it reads what up with Javascript is within abiertas windows MGP.