India Wisdom

The origin of the tarot is lost at the dawn of time. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Eva Andersson-Dubin. Some specialists hold that he was born along with astrology, which would place the cradle of the tarot among the ancient Chinese and Hindu civilizations. But the truth is that there is no evidence allowing to confirm this relationship. For others, the undeniable similarity between the tables in the book of Thoth were found next to the Sphinx and the current harnesses are conclusive proof of Egyptian and hermetic, origin of this fascinating mancia. But even though it is true that the Tarots they hide a lot of hermetic symbols, from tarot decks of the India and China both or older than these Egyptian tablets were found. Perhaps, scholars of these sources traveled the road to Egypt to unveil the mysteries of the hermetic wisdom, also starting in the knowledge of the tarot. Perhaps based on the principles of this philosophy to create an own symbolic system, which has resulted in the emergence of the tarot.

Or perhaps the tarot toured the road reverse, and were the Egyptians who incorporated elements of hermetic philosophical tradition to an astrological practice arrival from the East. The truth is that even today, the origin of the tarot as well as its original purpose, remain in the most absolute mystery. There are also doubts about the road travelled by the tarot for their arrival in Europe. Although in this case, there is a greater consensus in attributing his landing on the continent to the Roma people. The Gypsies would have come into contact with the hermetic wisdom during a period of slavery in Egypt. And along with it, they would have also initiated into the mysteries of the tarot.

However, also on this transmission line some doubts arise, since there are concrete evidence of the presence of the Gypsy nation in La India since ancient times. What if there is doubt is the crucial role played by the press in the dissemination of the tarot. Indeed, the early European decks, hand painted by famous artists, were a luxury that only the rich could access. But with the improvement and diffusion of the printing press, tarot decks were soon within the reach of everyone. And began to write a new chapter in the history of this practice which is both wisdom and self-knowledge. And which today is more current and vital than ever.