Prepare, check and correct exams. Prepare summaries of face-to-face events, which will be transmitted to the students who did not attend. Review the lists of students and establish a first contact. Recommend the follow-up of ongoing evaluation to students. 4 Tutor: you will be responsible for the supervision of the student throughout his career, its basic functions will be: you will be assigned a small group of students for guardianship.

Personally guide the student and ensure its good academic performance. To the student guide and advise on materials or alternative work plans. Attend examinations as support staff for the normal functioning of the same. Analyzing the academic results of each student. Track the pace of study, preparation of work, participation in ongoing assessments, etc. propose improvements to the educational system to the professor.

Develop messages of encouragement to prevent dropouts of students. 5? Author of the study material: the elaboration of the study material may be carried out by the Coordinator of the subject, by teachers who impart it, or even by a third person who is qualified to do so. This preparation will go through: identify modules. Inventory chapters or courses which form modules. An inventory of agendas which formed chapters or courses. Appreciate the degree of importance, and the degree of difficulty attributed to each course module. Determine the order and duration of the various modules, courses or subjects. Choose the Basic, complementary and reinforcing bibliography. Develop self evaluation and ongoing evaluation exercises. Prepare the database and projects of pilot activities. Determine evaluation criteria of the subjects. Develop and disseminate the methodology to be followed. IV.1 the study guide and your framing system designed according to the NICTs then have the items above is passed to the planning of activities that will have as a study guide that will constitute a Hyperdocument that will consist of as many parts as you want, so give all your internal and external of the subject so as to guarantee the achievement of the objectives of the discipline and the model document rector Professional in general where it taxed, taking into account the interrelation of subjects 2.