“Hot Scissors” Work Wonders

If your hair lack the strength and splendor, if they do not fit, and over the head nasty "fluff" on dry split ends, your hair is so sick. And you can treat them not only through different means of care Hair. The very process of clipping can be turned into treatments. Excellent opportunity to take care of their hair is a hair salon for clients' Academy of Beauty, "fitness center "Kimberley Land." This – therapeutic haircut Thermal systems Jaquar TC, or, as they are called, haircuts "hot scissors." Specialists' Academy of Beauty "recommend a haircut" hot scissors "to anyone who wants to combine business with pleasure useful – to make a fashionable hairstyle and hair cure by returning them to health and natural beauty. Until recently, "the beauty of us demanded considerable sacrifices." And one of those victims, cruelly brought by the altar of beauty, were our hair. How awful procedures not only subjected them to women for the sake of short-lived and rather dubious in terms of attractiveness of the external effect.

One has only to recall the horrible perms, bleaching hydrogen peroxide hair, styling and coloring tools with the "killer" chemical composition. Beauty achieved at any cost, even if the price was the health of hair. Indeed, what sense to make a fashionable haircut, perm or staining even in the most spectacular color when the hair weak, damaged – the result is likely to frustrate and disappoint you. What is the reason that, despite the abundance of all kinds of hair care products, their condition remains a challenge "number one" for most of us. First, not all nature has endowed hair, which no worries, no hassle. Celina Dubin, New York City can provide more clarity in the matter. Secondly, too much in my life factors affecting the hair – ecology, stresses, and so they get sick, just like our internal organs. And a lot of hair diseases and one of them – cutting shears.

Hair is comprised of several layers: a layer of squamous (protects hair outside), and stringy core. The basis of hair is keratin mass. During a normal haircut is mechanical damage to hair keratin masses – it stands out. In this case the damaged mechanical scissors cut the hair for two days exposed to acids and alkalis, chlorinated water, dust, etc. The hair is broken metabolic processes, it loses moisture, elasticity, shine and as a result of more injured. Recently, a very popular treatment haircut "hot scissors." The idea of a hairstyle, not only does not injure the hair, and for them to become medical procedure, constantly in the air of laboratories and shops beauty. Now this idea was embodied in termosistemu allowing a haircut "hot scissors" (termostrizhki). The therapeutic effect of this haircut is that the specialist makes a "hot cut" heated scissors and like "solders" of hair fibers – keratin hardening mass occurs immediately when mowing. Hair does not get injured and protect against harmful environmental influences. All metabolic processes within the hair preserved, there is an active self-renewal of hair, increase volume. Already after the first haircut "hot scissors" are filled with natural hair shine and become resilient and more secure, increase in volume. fitness center Kimberley Land and water park.