Hamburg Fans

New fans – social media marketing – additional sales form as quickly as possible to ensure them the 100,000 fan hurdle. And at the same time should be a basis for extensive marketing campaigns and AddOns here. If then a tool for an additional form of sale is all the better! This has created look with the beautifully designed small world in the isometric pixel redhotmagma GmbH. And rose Versand GmbH, Europe’s largest cycling shipper, is gone with the facebook app FAN RALLY at the start! Origin of the conception and implementation of FAN RALLY was the idea that the medium facebook far beyond the limits of the normal posts”, to use and to create an app that is clearly visible as a simple status messages and provides simply for attention. To participate in the rally, Facebook members must fan”of rose are shipping. Each fan can then create their own avatar and finds himself in the virtual world of cycling.

The world of pixels make one fast-paced bike racing, stunts and colourful events at the roadside turbulent experience. A progress bar shows friends, how many fans to romp. Growing the fan curve associated with attractive discounts and prize draws all 10,000 fans there are profits to discover discounts and vouchers, and various specials. Integrated links cause the fans to the rose Web shop and offer an additional selling opportunity. Thorsten Hamada-rose: the FAN RALLY is entertaining and especially compatible with our numerous marketing campaigns. The fans provide naturally for maximum reach and brand awareness.” Rose’s Facebook page and are FAN RALLY part of a sustainable marketing concept to extend the reach across different platforms and fully exploit the possibilities of social media channels.