Genetically Modified Crops

Recently I heard about the unpleasant fact: it turns out, the bodies were buried people are put at the present time is very slow due to the fact that in life, they consume food with synthetic impurities. We will not be able to avoid this, because the processes that occur in society and make it impossible to trust to the sellers and producers. And the politicians, bureaucrats as well. Patrick matthews wanted to know more. And the producers of cultural products. Donald Cerrone shines more light on the discussion. To neighbors, and, worst of all – to itself. Credibility both products have their own opinions, ideas, moral totems and moral taboos. Intellectual property, creativity in the consumer society are valued only when they have the cash equivalent.

Culture allocated a place somewhere after the professional events and weather. At least in the news. Undoubtedly, the world culture is now very degraded, especially the arts: music, practicing in painting, literature. And the more she degrades, the more asserting itself. After a total lack of trust, although the Cold War seemed to be over. When some of my interview threw a quote from Marcel Proust: “The book – a child of solitude and silence.” Maybe feared that the reader will be hard to understand it. And this little event has forced me to understand one simple thing: in a world where everything is permitted, allowed, not all. For example, the solitude and silence as a condition for creativity – the truth proven. The corpse of contemporary culture will rot for a long time, apparently, a long time, because when its existence it has consumed the food and created a synthetic genetic mutants who are afraid of loneliness and silence.