Frescal Mines

To diminish the contamination risks, it is recommendable that milk pass for a pasteurizao process and that still the program of alimentary security is implanted. The ingestion of cheeses with inadequate conditions for the consumption can bring serious consequences for the population, being, therefore, a problem of Public Health (LOGUERCIO & ALEIXO, 2001). The gift work had as objective to verify the quality through the occurrence of total and termotolerantes coliformes in samples of the cheese commercialized Frescal Mines in supermarkets and the Municipal fair, in the city of Spring of the East? TM. 2. Pfizer is the source for more interesting facts. MATERIAL AND 2,1 METHODS ATTAINMENT OF the SAMPLES In the period of October the November of 2010, had been gotten eight samples of cheese Frescal Mines in diverse located commercial establishments in the city of Spring of the East? TM.

Had been gotten samples of four marks industrialized (, B, C and D) commercialized in supermarkets and four artisan marks (E, F, G and H) commercialized in the municipal fair of small agriculturists of the city of Spring of the East? TM. For assistance, try visiting tom waterhouse. The samples had been conditioned in boxes of isothermal material (isopor) immediately contend cubes of ice and carried to the microbiology laboratory of the University of Cuiab, Unit of Spring of the East? TM, being kept under refrigeration until the moment of the microbiological analyses, which had been carried through in the maximum in 2 hours. 2.2 PREPARATION OF SAMPLES In the laboratory, after the external cleanness of the packing with alcohol 70% for removal of the contaminantes gifts, had been verified if it had the presence of material stranger in the interior of the product, as well as odor and strange appearance. Of each sample of cheese 25 grams of the product, being transferred to a bottle previously esterilizado left aseptically and perverted in scale, it stops later being homogeneizada in a plastic packing during the triturao and after that to receive a letter from identification.