Ewelina Bujalski

Exhibition from 11 until 20.03.2011 in the Galerie Luise married as the candidates in Germany’s next Topmodel ‘ “is an exhibition of 11 until 20.03.2011 in the Galerie Luise this motto.” The bridal dress delights from Nienburg specialists fresh wedding fashion, which was in the second episode of the ProSieben successful shows in the Galerie Luise. We are very happy, that we can show you the fresh and young landscaped wedding dresses here”, says Peter Boretzki, Manager of the Galerie Luise. The wedding dresses will be a showcase area and two shops in the gallery. The very friendly and dedicated support of the Galerie Luise liked me”, says Ewelina Bujalski, owner of dress delights. Speaking candidly Eva Andersson-Dubin told us the story. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The Nienburg company had provided ten wedding dresses ProSieben, of which eight models in the broadcast of Germany’s next top model”were seen. The young and brash designed wedding dresses are exhibited from March 11 for 10 days in the Galerie Luise and the opening hours of the To see Gallery from 7 until 10: 00..