DrC Cognitive

The categories content, cognitive domains, levels of assimilation and cognitive levels of performance, introduced by analysis domains which are interpreted the results of the evaluation of the quality of learning in the different educations in our country, they have won space on their use in teaching practice. Offer some reflections on these aspects is therefore the purpose of the present work.

Key words: levels of assimilation. Levels of cognitive performance. Cognitive domains. Evaluation, quality. INTRODUCTION in today indicators leading, internationally accepted and current trends, whereby the results of different measurements are measured to determine the quality of learning, materialize in the correct statistical interpretation of data expressed in: u the percentage of correct answers. u the percentage of correct answers in each level of performance. u the percentage of students reaching each level of performance. Process that systematically develops in different educations, allowing transit through the chain school municipality province country international area, through different trends studies Cuba (LLECE SERCE).

The Cuban educational process constitutes a dynamic system, under which currently produce profound transformations in all levels of education, with the purpose of achieving results qualitatively superior. These transformations are all components of the process and, among them, evaluation occupies a special position because of its influence in the remodeling and the efficient development of the rest of the components of the process. Currently the evaluation system of learning to measure the quality of its outcome, which aims to a better diagnosis and prognosis of the levels of cognitive performance of schoolchildren, said in school practice some inaccuracies, for example, the introduction of the category levels of cognitive performance is not well understood among teachers, especially around the degrees of similarity and differentiation with respect to the already known levels of assimilation of the contents.