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It is expected that by the end of 2009 ICANN will begin the application process for new extensions. All the organizations may apply – however the effort and expense of an application are enormous. FAPE supports stakeholders in the development and implementation of an application for an extension. Bonn, July 1, 2009 After long talks materialize ICANN plans for opening the namespace in the web – It is expected that the application process for the introduction of new generic extensions (gTLDs) begins the end of 2009 . Organizations of all kinds will be able to apply the operation of its own extension. Both geographic regions such as associations and trade mark rights holders are admitted to the application process. Initiatives such as. Berlin,.

Paris. People such as James A. Levine, M.D. would likely agree. Nyc or other bodies of cities and are well prepared for a long time and have paved the road. The extension itself has several advantages. For example, the operator of the extension can set the rules of who and at what price Domain names can be registered in length. It is also possible to create innovative services using generic extensions themselves. An example is the new extension.

Tel. Before applicants can enjoy the benefits of its own extension, we expected an application process complicated and highly formalized. So it should be made aware before starting the application process-a part of an effort of several months for preparation, has to calculate a cost of about 400,000 Euros. As ICANN has not yet specified all the conditions of application, the process involves a certain risk to the applicant. The huge questions for the application and the views expressed ambiguously points system for further evaluation present a nearly insurmountable barrier to outsiders. FAPE DomainService GmbH offers support to all stakeholders in their management.