When it comes to overcome the paralyzing effects of the same, your best bet is to try the 12 steps to freedom from codependency. This method will be of great help when it comes to learning more about himself and his own abilities. What is codependency? Essentially, it is the need to influence the lives of others by an extreme fear of rejection, abandonment, or punishment. Those who suffer from this often used this mentality as a defense mechanism, it is likely that when they were children have lived in a dysfunctional family. Instead of facing the disappointment of her parents, rejection or punishment, tried to anticipate their needs as much as possible.

An important part of the process of the 12 steps to combat and rid the CoDependency, is to recognize that this mentality is really a problem and contributes to unhealthy relationships. When it comes to this, there are two types of codependent to consider. The first is someone who constantly leans backwards to serve others. This may be the case of a more needy friend, within a group, It may be that always donate lunch money or makes the task of all. This could also be the housewife who always does everything possible to please her husband over his health, his mental well-being and dignity.

Those who need to break free of the co-dependency of this nature often don’t know enough of themselves as to behave differently simply validate its existence, in the well-being of others. If this type of people who see necessary codependency is not, they may develop extreme depression, anxiety or resentment. One of the 12 steps, is the recognition of this behavior for what it is: a humiliating and destructive lifestyle. The other type of co-dependiente is one that focuses on the control. An example of this kind of people required of codependency is the husband who insists on deciding from what his wife should spend money until you eat during the day. Control of your money to spend and insist that she will make everything on the road. The people of this nature do not always do it to be cruel what happens is that simply believe that their way is better and that your partner cannot survive without your help. As a result, when his advice was rejected, they feel angry, defensive, and hurt. Another part of the 12 steps, is to recognize that this behavior is harmful for you and those around you. As you learn more about by what paths you behave the way they do, it means more the importance of the 12-step process. The more works on this, easier it is get to recover. You can change this problem this based on a mentality of destructive, however putting energy and commitment.