Day Money Of German Banks In The Criticism

German banks go on new touting day funds and current accounts. It’s more than annoying as opaque and the day money offers of many German banks have become little customer-friendly. It seems to be in many cases solely to the new customer performance. Such as when a bad insurance brokers include accounts and nothing else. With the knowledge of the pitfalls when choosing an appropriate day money account, the customer can avoid unpleasant surprises. The cost trap combo ticket offers are currently very popular with very high advertised interest rates. Investors should be concerned that what he really needed. He seeks only a permanently good day money account or a combination package from giro account and money.

For Giro accounts praised in the package be charged partly. Not even to cover the monthly checking fees interest rates range at low investment amount on the day money account. Limited periods also here is to recommend to read all fine print really. It is just over a month the top rate for the day money almost humbug guarantee and then with the lower up to 2% interest rate of bank interest. Interest seasons as well like to be interest squadrons in the conditions.

So it may be that the advertised interest rate applies only up to 5,000 euros to the day money account. Then, it goes with the interest rates again rapidly down. For a long-term capital accumulation and savers, these funds are little profitable. New customers are the customers of tomorrow for new customers only. Similar to class society in the area of the day money customers is built on two one. The new customer receives best conditions and after a few months, he is no longer of interest and is fed up with the meager interest rate. It’s different… The day money offers can be transparent, fair and customer-friendly, prove just the foreign banks. They seem to have recognized the desire of the Germans to permanently high interest for the overnight. A good example is currently the MoneYou day money of the Dutch ABN AMRO. Is to be hoped that the German provider of day money with increasing Konkurrenzam customer after Orient transparent savings accounts.