Cuban Television

They count those that are known in the world of the art Cuban, that whenever one thinks about that beautiful inspiring feeling of the man: the love, thinks about two great names that formed the pair more romantic than it has given the Cuban culture: Clara and Mario. This pair of singers, expressed with their games of voices, the love, inspired almost always by a loving conversation between two enamored. It was known in Latin America, and its example comprised of inspiration to other pairs in the world. Its tuneful versions of subjects like: Cuenta on me, not only left the landmark of a majority of age in this vocal grouping, but comprised of hits parade of the radio broadcasting stations of Cuba, and our Cuban Television, which forced the singers to that it was repeated, whenever there was a program of great Tele hearing. In the middle of the foreign rates and of foreign groupings that began to be great musical successful in the program Nocturne, the pair of Clara and Mario, it distinguished the Cuban culture of that one time, and never was surpassed by other similar pairs that later left to comprise of the Cuban culture. In a used melodic filling in the subject of the song: Our oath, can be appreciated the great talent of both singers, that they owned very good vocal faculties to sing alone. Great affection, and charisma of Clear, with his beauty of woman Cuban extraordinary, as well as hairdos and fashion of years 60 anvil and 70 anvil, caused that it was hit on I publish masculine, that was simultaneously still to be admired and, with the curiosity of the part masculine of town Cuban, asked time and time again, if it were truth that it was married or no, with its counterpart, which was not certain.

Mario as well, of great elegance, and good voice, hit with its affectionate form to treat its Clear companion, and one that another woman thought that they were married. The mutual understanding of both singers made them be admired by whom they enjoyed Cuban music. Nowadays, lamentably, it has not been offered diffusion to all the works of these ter us singing Cuban, that in that special super pair the chance gave him to our mother country to have to one of the best pairs of the Latin American songwriter. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. We hope to be able to count in a moment on one better diffusion of its work.