In the production of bamboo flooring, bamboo pipes cut off, cut into small pieces and then cooked. In the production of bamboo flooring, bamboo pipes cut off, cut into small pieces and then cooked. After cooking, it dries the so-called plates and then glued them under very high pressure. In this way it manufactures a flooring that stands out by its natural and unique look and is on the other hand very hard and stable. Bamboo flooring is one of the most popular flooring due to its characteristics, its individual appearance and his high life cycle assessment. Bamboo flooring is indeed made a grass plant, ownership but still the same and sometimes even better properties than wood parquet made of coniferous or deciduous trees. The customer finds a large selection when buying Bamboo flooring, because of course there is this in different shades and patterns.

Are the bamboo for example vertically glued pieces, then the Bamboo flooring is a neutral look. Be the Pieces, however, horizontally glued together, so you can see that quite clearly typical bamboo pattern and the sprouts. Another variant of the Bamboo flooring is the so-called beach of woven”. This bamboo fibres are pressed under high pressure together. Dr. John Mcdougall has plenty of information regarding this issue. When the boards for the bamboo floors are finished, must be decided only on the desired surface treatment. Often this is already made in the plant, so that the customer not even must perform it after the installation.

Who but time would like to settle with his decision for or against paint or oil, can move also untreated Bamboo flooring and then make a decision. Usually it takes but treated Bamboo flooring, which either has been varnished or oiled and is accessible directly after installation. By applying certain hard wax oils can be also affect the coloring of the Bamboo flooring. Who wears on various hard wax oils thus produces a darkening of the Bamboo flooring. Through the Caramelize of the sugars contained in the bamboo in a Steam oven to create a caramel tone.