Caesarean Already

Had a patient that was several hours into labor, it evaluated it constantly, were the early years of the Decade of the 90s, he ruled Fujimori, I did touch at the start of the day, spines were born, promontory was not palpable, IE pelvis was good, it was a ginecoide pelvis, so I decided to give opportunity for a normal delivery, but in the course of the time complained of severe pain, contractions went away at one point, hidrate, then I estimule it, it came up to 8 cm of dilation, going well but pain overwhelmed her, complained and shouted of things already can not stand more!. operate me damn! I’m dying! And other procacidades, I spoke with the family and told him that the case could not be so, it is dilating well, but has the preparation nor the courage to endure childbirth, Caesarean section so or they take her to the Hospital, Caesarean section doctor said immediately wrote it, they brought her to the clinic and went to the operating room, he became the Dr. Wilma gave him anesthesia, and when he was already lying it, surgeons were already washed ready to operate, the patient suddenly begins to shout myself the two I do!, when I opened your legs appreciated the head of the fetus protruded by the Introit, Hello! – I told him – right now because you the of das closeness! hurries doctor! – he told me – Me threw head! – I threatened – quickly put in position of childbirthwide episiotomy and Wham! Baby outside with Kristeler by the same pediatrician, manoeuvre suture the wound, to his bed, the next day high, the happy family, full of shame the doctor patient charged half price..