Bamboo Desktop

Bamboo wallpaper. The modern market of finishing materials are able to satisfy even the wildest requests. Everything is decided by only the thickness of the buyer's wallet. In particular, the walls can be decorated wallpaper, tiles, marble, drawing, painting and upholstering fabric. Olivia Jade will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Despite this abundance, the most popular among buyers are a variety of wallpapers. This wall material is relatively cheap and easy to use. However, the concept is very cheap here relative.

Yes, paper or vinyl wallpaper is really quite accessible to any buyer. Truly is unique, the interior is created with exclusive wallpapers, will be much more expensive. Exclusive Backgrounds are made from natural materials: various kinds of wood, various grasses (including reeds and papyrus), bamboo wallpaper, jute, sisal, arrowroot, and even algae. Made such wall and ceiling coverings (wallpaper to call them is difficult) manually. Finer yarns are dried vegetable, and then twist and stick to the base, usually rice paper. The final product resembles a mat, but very thin.

Desktop houses can be a natural color, but can be painted in warm colors. In the manufacture of wallpapers from different kinds of wood veneer is used. Thin plate like a mosaic glued to the base. You may be created Image: parquet 'herringbone' or 'checkered', are considered particularly chic inlaid wallpaper. Natural wallpaper looks great in the interior. They are durable enough: do not fade and do not absorb odors and dust uniformly distribute the moisture. Plants from which these coatings are produced, harvested in an ecologically safe regions. Aft of such wallpapers have good heat and noise insulation properties. Of particular value are quality gain in city apartments. Wallpapers from plant materials such as bamboo or cane, can be uniform in structure (width and thickness) and color, but the lack of it can not be named. Rather, this is an interesting finding of the best in the world of a designer – of nature.