Here’s a quick tip and powerful … Please note that entries must be of high absolute quality … or the blog owner deleted. Also, do not post more than one comment to the blog. Get a backlinks from a site. EDU is money for Google Page Rank. If you do, you can get big juicy backlinks.

Some blog comments are moderated and not others, and there are different ways to filter them. Education sites I’ve listed below. Either way – make sure the content you post is relevant and of high quality and related to the subject. Do not go audacity to write crap in their publication, since you will be wasting your time. Frequently Erik Erikson has said that publicly. Do not worry about the PageRank of the page itself, since it could increase with time. Do-Follow Tips – You must also be very interested to know if the page is a DO-PAGE fallow, so do not waste your time, if your goal is to get Google PR rise. Get on to help with this strategy. Finally, do not forget to ping every time you post! By Finally, after performing the blog post – will have to “ping” at the POST where you left your comment, with any of the websites out there like ping Pingomatic etc, so the Googlebot is the index.

Now the Google search command you’ve been waiting for … Here are five Google search command that is needed to customize your keyword search to find your reference. EDU and blogs. If you are interested in knowing what the syntax is doing exactly, please look at the commands of Google search by area. Command # 1 … is. Blogs of education with the keywords you choose. site:. edu inurl: blog “keyword” command # 2 … is that blogs can leave comments and which do not require you to be logged (recorded). … general search site:. edu inurl: blog “post a comment” – “you must be logged in” – “comments closed” search … specific site:. edu inurl: blog “post comment” – “you must be logged in” – “comments closed” “keyword” Command # 3 … the pursuit of this technique allows you to find. Blogs of education where you can create a profile, and then confirm your account and access the home page or the course page and then add your own link to your profile. Then, save the address where did this so that eventually you can ping to that URL, thus gaining a backlink to the site. Edu. site:. edu inurl: login “here using your username”, “To have full access to courses you’ll need to take a minute to create a new account for” keywords “Command # 4 … This command helps you search find sites that are educational forums. Just visit and check to see if you can add the URL of your website at the time of registration. If not, skip the discussion forum. Edu site:. edu “Page 1 of 1? “Sort by”, “united” “Web Site” keywords “Command # 5 … this is to find forums that allows visitors to add a response. Go to results page and look for the answer from the “link” then, as always, informative response and place your link in the response. site:. edu “From” “Date” “Time” “Remote Name”, “last modified”, “keywords” Again, remember …