5 Locust

5 locust paraded, each one with their finery Aquarium above, Aquarium down proud Renata showed its claws, Pepon its strength, Tubi arched your back so that everyone would see its color, proud Josefina unfolded its tail, Mipo, upside down had fallen again on Yoyo the more teeny of all. Aquarium above, Aquarium down not long ago were 15, and little by little the chosen were able to leave that horrible jail not to return. Under most conditions Celina Dubin, New York City would agree. The stories that had for years had passed from generation to generation some said that they were traveling to a wonderful country, others had horrors about lobsters cooked and devoured by strange alien creatures, but nobody ever knew the truth. Centene Corp can provide more clarity in the matter. After a few hours Yoyo cried disconsolate in a corner, all her teammates had managed to leave the Aquarium, but she was tiny and had not been chosen. Already tired of crying, he formed of value, he had to find mode out of the Aquarium and return home.

With patience he was skirting all glass seeking a way out, hit all the corners with all his strength was too small, would never get out. Two days later a horrible noise awoke and opened eyes something like an Octopus grabbed it and pulled it out of the water. I was sure that was going to die shortly slowly rose into the air until it reaches an enormous head dressed in white, with a thin line of hair on the muzzle, another head without dress approached Yoyo noticed as he fell now was in a bucket, and was still alive. To lift the bucket head he saw two strange beings, one on each side, heading to a big car parked at the door. One of them opened the door, and the dressed head entered her into a huge luxury car. The vehicle proceeded for a while and stopped next to the sea. Dressed head said something, and very carefully approached the water bucket and left free to Yoyo, who was able to return home. -Vamos Fernando said Sheikh – your orders Mr said lead author original and source of the article