Now 65 Times In Germany

IT-service-NET and VARIO were Software Ltd. agree collaboration interface to xt: Commerce and Gambio shop systems, are also in the program, such as document management and CRM. By recognizing the sale and acquisition opportunities on the marketing programme itself, up to the complete history of all measures, she dressed the new VARIO 7 CRM. In […]

The Patient Comes Through The Smartphone

Mobilize your doctor’s Office and they ensure patient binding as practising physician, practice owner or therapist already make advertising, at least about your practice sign, your business cards and perhaps brochures informing your patients about your services. But have you ever seen that a patient on your doorstep has recorded the details of your practice […]

Starting a Business

How to build the third meeting of accounting? We all start-ups, regardless of whether what business they are going to develop, a number of common issues. In what legal form to register your business? How to better accounting? How to behave if descend to the verification officials? This was explained resident expert "SB" Boris Polyanina […]

Online Flyer Advertising

Catalogs and brochures online version online flyers offer retailers, service providers and other companies a new channel to reach your customers! Retailers face ever tougher competition. The Internet opens for more and more ways to reach customers who would rather looking for a mall than a shop by itself. Now, the Internet is the new […]

Hazardous Waste

Lead is a hazardous material that can cause serious damage in humans if it is absorbed at high levels, especially in children. Obviously, children under the age of 6 years are those who have one higher risk of contracting the poisoning by lead since they are at the peak of its growth age. Lead can […]

What Is Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy

When a company is going through difficult financial times, the idea of declaring bankruptcy generally go through the minds of their owners. What is bankruptcy? What are their characteristics? What effects might have on the company and its creditors? Is it appropriate in all cases? Although there will certainly be other issues involved, try to […]

Genetically Modified Crops

Recently I heard about the unpleasant fact: it turns out, the bodies were buried people are put at the present time is very slow due to the fact that in life, they consume food with synthetic impurities. We will not be able to avoid this, because the processes that occur in society and make it […]


One of the most cultivated flowers around the world, is known scientifically sunflower in the genus Helianthus, since it is a flower that not only offers excellent conditions in terms of its beauty, but also gives some very specific products useful for food, which undoubtedly makes the Sunflower a full-page and can benefit greatly. The […]

Yacht Charter Vacation

More and more people are excited by the idea to spend your vacation on a yacht. In recent years, more and more people are interested in holidaying on a yacht chartered for this period. As a result, also the offer of Charter yachts has significantly increased. Especially in the Internet, you can various portals that […]


Windsurfing from the very beginning abruptly changes the usual things: for there is no surf the concepts of "right" and "left." Hand and foot are closer to the mast, called the "front" and the other arm and leg – "rear" Get ready to enjoy the speed and exercise in acrobatics. At the same time during […]