Cuban Television

They count those that are known in the world of the art Cuban, that whenever one thinks about that beautiful inspiring feeling of the man: the love, thinks about two great names that formed the pair more romantic than it has given the Cuban culture: Clara and Mario. This pair of singers, expressed with their […]

Rome City Of Seven Hills

Rome, capital of Italy, is historically known as the city of the seven hills. According to Roman mythology, the seven hills of Rome were Cermalus, Cispius, Fagutalis, opium, Palatium, Sucusa and Velia; but now the modern city of seven hills includes Myrtle, flower, clock tower, Jackson of Lumpkin and hills, the old Shorter and the […]

Nonmaterial Motivation

Creative Workshop Andrew Kislyuk mid-2003 working on creating an extraordinary project "Star Corporation," which serves to develop and strengthen team spirit in the company, increase customer loyalty staff team building. Over the years we have earned the trust of managers and employees of many large plants in St. Petersburg, such as: Big Yard Seating Vodafone […]

Architectonic Design

Studying the economic valuations to understand the urban structures of the emergent countries According to Alfredo Muoz comments to us, titleholder in Architecture in Spain, founder of ABIBOO Architecture and PhD in Architectonic Design in U.S.A.: India presents/displays characteristics shared with the rest of Eastern countries and to the time, it presents/displays another series of […]

Managing Director

TWT site relaunch Stadtwerke Aachen (STAWAG) TWT interactive puts the website relaunch of and scores especially with media-friendly design and enhanced usability. Thanks to an improved Web layout and design concept, the site now offers a clear user guidance with precise navigation. The relaunch of TWT uses in responsive HTML, to optimize the display […]

American Cuisine

American kitchen (cuisine USA) more fully reflects the mentality of the whole American nation, and is characterized , standardize and mass. In the rationalistic American cuisine major products were canned goods, preserves, sausages, sandwiches and ready-made drinks, often cold: whiskey, beer, cocktails, juices. Just some hot fast food, convenient to standardize the portions and prices, […]

Bethlehem Hospital

In the era of terrorism, blackouts were common and therefore it was usual that several clinics had generator, but some do not they had, others were delayed in purchasing one, finally the Ministry of health did not control this area, so that in some clinics the generator it had away from the Vigilante and away […]