It seems that he was born in the ancient Egypt, where the rich people of the time had in its group of servants for expert Tarot readers, to always possess a circulation of letters when they wanted to. The splendor of the circulation of letters, of almost all the unseen, occurred in the middle ages. […]

Northeast Region

For Kaercher (2006) perhaps the main task of Geography is to enhance the commitment that fortifies the democratic and ethical values more expanding each time the respect to the other and to the different one. In this perspective, this article has for objective to search elements, from the bibliographical research, capable of to contribute with […]

Feng Shui

Surely everyone has heard any stories about creatures called ammonites. In ancient times, ammonites are considered magical stones, someone thought they were cursed with stones, but today people believe that the ammonite – it's a great decoration, jewelry, or jewelry design. In Eastern cultures believed that the ammonite shell was a symbol of prosperity and […]