Your Hair

Ideas may be different, including the absolutely fantastic. The main thing that you get pleasure from it. But if you same supporter of classics, here a huge amount of options. Beautiful hair can be created from the hair of any length. For short hair can make hair volume, not requiring complex elements. Can use elements of corrugation, to separate the individual strands.

Medium length hair and long as you can gather up into a beautiful hairstyle (which, incidentally, visually lengthens the neck), and laid in loose curls (straight or hair – to select only those you). If you have short hair, but you madly want to be on their wedding day they have long curls, then this is not a problem. To date, there is an opportunity to do hair with the use of artificial hair. Matched only by your hair color and properly laid a competent foreman, they did not differ from your .Esche one important nuance! To Your , . For example, chubby ladies better to prefer elongated hair, but the girls with the face of the diamond shape on the contrary stands to make hair, body in the ear. The bride, with the face square, you need to choose something softer: curls, curls, braid, braid fringe shape. But the owners of the oval face the most fortunate – it suited almost everything.

You can also experiment with a bang, you may have a very interesting solution. Let's talk about a very enjoyable and interesting – about the accessories of wedding hairstyles. They now there is a huge set, and they are able to turn her hair into something truly special and unique. Of course, the indisputable classics of the veil remains. But besides her, there are many different solutions: rhinestones, flowers, colorful strands, ribbons, tiaras, wraps, original pins and barrettes, jewelry from real hair. It remains only to choose what suits you. Perhaps it's vibrant colors woven into the braid, or an extravagant multi-colored feathers, and can hoop studded with rhinestones, this worthy Queen! Choose the most beautiful hairdo! Marry! And be happy!