Maria, menudita with the tiny waist and pronounced breasts. Your sallow complexion toasted by the Sun of our puna; hands tanned by frost every morning that you salias hurry to leave the flocks of their want want, so he told him to their sheep, lights with which came very early to take the fresh water of the Lakes surrounding the House in the great pampa where from the heights looked at the sky very blue and clean. You l. with all your strength to advance you to the dew that fell in the morning as fresh mist that caresses your tender cheeks. You only detenias to open your arms and that fog you and cherish you your body young and full of virtue. That your llamas and sheep you looked nonchalant in his teeth that freedom, they lowered their gazes to see green grass that grows there where condors with her white scarf, around his neck looking for look atop the peaks that loom as white robes to worship at your feet of llamero dolmen that sits in the village.

Why you don’t understand how your tata sold your pampa to the gringos, says that you gave much silver. They took all their things, which things, if only the pampa had and their sheep and llamas, but they also sold the tata to the Yankees, those fur color snow. You were very sad, by your llamas and sheep, many were pregnant and would now not see them to the carneritos and llamitas to raise them and have them in your lap. But you molestaste much with your Tata. You you no were sleeping much in those nights, not wise when the Yankees already botarian them your Pampa, and looked at the sad your llamas and sheep day who went to the coast, with what little they had as I said your Tata.