Wonderful Day

One of these mornings I open the window with the high sun already, I see the sun openings that form shades in the tree of tamarindo that it balances with the wind, birds of all the types make the party being thankful for plus a wonderful day. The racket of the water when beating in the rocks calls the attention the butterflies showing to all they who the day will be beautiful. The wind I smell backwards it of the coffee plantations that are together the bush, and, more below I observe that the maritacas make the party in the foot of caj sleeve. I go for the coffee of the morning, in the table has: cake of maize, hot bread, cool cheese, milk of the cow Nestles, Marcela and the Agostina, butter caretaker, juice of aa and juice of cupuau. Ace happy hens cacareja in the place of fetichism waiting the maize to be played, with this the pigs, ducks and one capivara domesticated is in the wait to also saborear the maize. You beach a ship them already are full of clothes to balance to the wind and you beach a ship behind them I observe ace pasture verdinha as the hope that paradise never finishes. The cows and horses eat calm, fattening each time more to the eyes of the owner. I, very happy for knowing that I slept very well and that everything that was not a dream, but a wonderful life. Papa, quanta homesickness I feel of this time that if was. Never more I had so wonderful and so beautiful mornings later that you broke daqui.