Walker Parents

Schuaima is the dreamlike Kingdom (if it can be called so) Aniquirona, and Alexander de Brucco is Explorer, traveling salesman, Walker, the hermit. In his humble vision, sometimes feels a writer, sometimes he believes to be the man who draws a few lines, when in the background know perfectly well that it is only a tool, a filter where come from the things that they want and need to narrate the human atmosphere. John q: What is the strongest of your childhood memories? Tell me a little about her. Whatever you want. Winston: My childhood still has not ended. Adults hate that stage of life, complain about him, of immaturity and stupidity children flying.

I do not understand that the ages, the seven ages of man. For me there is a present perpetual, perennial; I am all ages and all times, also all the spaces. I have an image that is recurrent. Perhaps makes 34 Suns land, lived with my parents in a two-story house. We habitabamos the second. MOM and dad were newlyweds. My brother still not born, so I gather that I did not exceed six. I snoozed in the middle of the two (destroys all child at that age erotic sets of their parents).

Next to the bed, he rested a pot. From that moment, I’ve been pierced by esotericism, magic, occultism. Since I use the reading of what was written (the human code that tries to represent the world) I have devoured all kinds of texts, books and anthologies that I talk about those big posesos, initiated and illuminated. Do not think me one of them, I’m just an apprentice of words, a man who knows his limitations because it has still not renounced the hubbub of the world. Juan p.: when arrives the poetry for the first time in your life and you gave has your way were the letters? Winston: I was a child of separated parents.