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The Salvation call waiting from the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) could offer a perspective for pain patients. Naturheilpraxis Cameron a year successfully in Heidelberg despite Dr. med. A year ago, Google babe Cameron opened his natural healing practice centrally located in Heidelberg. Since then, he has successfully treated many patients with alternative medicine. The natural healing practice areas within of herbal medicine, eye diagnosis, biochemistry, tuina and Chi Kung breathing exercises. After three-year private education at the Institute of phytotherapy (IfP) followed several years of practical work in Berlin, where he has specialized in the treatment of pain patients and people with chronic medical conditions.

In his practice, Mr. Cinar operates mostly according to the standards of traditional naturopathy. Almost exclusively European tea drugs are used for the composition of the Teerezepturen. Mr Cinar nationwide is one of the few of his Guild with a Turkish background. His desire is to the profession of the practitioner as well as the natural healing procedures to move more into the consciousness of his fellow countrymen. In this context a project was launched in Berlin 2007, which promoted by the European Social Fund (ESF). It had set itself the goal the dissemination and publication of alternative healing methods in the Turkish population and will continue since the end of the project, volunteers from Mr Cinar. The treatment by alternative medicine by a practitioner since then enjoys a growing acceptance in the Turkish population.

What is herbal medicine or even tea therapy? It belongs to the oldest medical therapies of in human history. Medicinal plants used since time immemorial and with much experience in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. They offer an efficient and low-side effect alternative to the purely chemically defined drugs. As tea drinking, they help to extract the connective tissue and improve the metabolism of every cell. Due to their great biodiversity are versatile. What is tuina? Tuina is one of the five Columns in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The treatment method with which I work has a close relationship with the Chinese Kung Fu. It differs to the traditional application of the tuina insofar, that I work in addition to massage and acupressure mainly with tapping techniques. Grater -, pressure – and in particular this tapping techniques treats diseased tissue such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.. Most diseases of the musculoskeletal system are also longer due to past injuries and strain of the structures according to Chinese medicine on May. The diseased tissue routed”and through time by small bruises, calcification, and waste products of muscle metabolism. If the Verschlackungen are resolved, blood and lymph circulate better and ensure therefore a better supply of connective tissue. This is the agility and strength increasing again. The pain is usually substantially. To the patients, what very much appreciate the treatment method, know, include especially athletes and people with chronic pain. Baris Cinar, therapist mobile: + 49.157.71435782 skype: baris.cinar email: web: