Toilet Training

Did you know that pressuring your child to leave diapers when is not ready, or when not using a method appropriate to do so, can generate difficulties and traumas? The process should be natural and not forced, it should be like any other learning during childhood, but we can not ignore that it is a topic that generates much anguish and anxiety in parents and which is transmitted to the children. Avoid aggressive situations is highly advisable, in no time the child should associate this learning to let diaper with this type of conduct by parents, which may include screams and sometimes physical punishments, which often correspond to subconsciously we lost control, the situation beyond us and where we have evidence that the method we use is not thenthe appropriate. When the process occurs in a traumatic way, can cause fears in our children, which may include that of not doing what is expected of them, or do not comply with the expectations of parents. Afraid to go to the bathroom, to sit in it, which can cause uncontrollable crying. Anxiety and nervousness, lack of self-confidence, and when in our despair we have used any other hurtful Word, sadly ended by undermine the self-esteem of our small, without the intention of doing so. A child who is not ready, and is pressed to do so can become timid, not wanting to go to places for fear of wet clothes, or we can create the opposite effect and this wetting on all sides, generating shame us with our family and friends. And where arguably in both cases the child is not feeling well with himself. On some occasions we can generate also hose narrowing and constipaciones or retaining urine for long periods of time, which undoubtedly ends in a pediatrician’s Office. See my book leave the diaper, guides you step through, and will help you avoid traumas, fears and conflict situations with your son.