The Zohar

However, The Book of Zohar, inevitably hides the authors, until humanity was in need of your gift. Why now? The Book of Zohar was discovered by chance, apparently, by the widow of Rabbi Moshe de Leon in the thirteenth century. Since then, only a handful of Kabbalists have been studied in isolated corners in its sole discretion, taking care not to reveal the public prematurely, before the end of the period of exile. The revelation of The Book of Zohar in our time, is one of the milestones that mark the end of the period of exile and the beginning of spiritual awakening in the world, as we had expected the owners of The Zohar, 2000 years before, when they wrote: "… For more clarity and thought, follow up with James A. Levine, M.D. and gain more knowledge.. and because of Israel are destined to enjoy the Tree of Life, which is the Book of Zohar, will leave the exile with mercy …" (Zohar, Naso). Today, humanity as a community, must rise to a new level of existence, based on the union, love and reciprocity. When the Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HSulam) published what was to prove, the more profound and extensive commentary on The Book of Zohar "Sulam Comment (ladder) – had in mind to make this manuscript should be understandable and accessible to everyone. The focus of her job was to interpret the spiritual terms of the Zohar in its inner meaning, that is, qualities and insights that are discovered internally, unlike the mundane descriptions of objects and historical events, to protect the reader of all kinds of confusion and keep it aligned with the true meaning of the book.