The So

And without a doubt, we are not aware of the deeper importance of such statements at the moment of speaking out, but unconsciousness or denying changes how we know reality as such does not in the least. We therefore play in our unconsciousness about our impermanence, which can reveal himself in every moment with our immediate death, with the US apparently available to eternal time, the so-called eternity, as if death as always-present fact would be not relevant to us and unlock power-so the preciousness of the moment. We can however, even if it is difficult for us to admit the existence of that faith, but not deny, that we have no constant awareness of our inevitable offence, and especially not in the ultimate consequence that this physical offences can be done fully in each moment. The fact is also that we are capable at all times to remind us, that our last could be this today, this just experienced an hour, this present moment and we can be aware of which perfectly in continuity. And we can thus the transience deliberately reminiscent appropriately honor this moment of its preciousness and experience it with filling out presence. The preciousness of the moment so for us real life make, by we also death, our transience as a real element in our conscious living space invite in. Our actions, our decisions are therefore marked with an incomparable, significant entity, independent and awe and lead us to our personal goal it also of course directly.

Let us therefore much more easily on what is really important to us and what is dear to us. And thus we are therefore easier and faster go where our inner need to call us. As we are supplied with the realization of our innermost desires with the necessary mobilization energy and we can see maybe a little lit that our current self-realization is a gift of eternity for the big picture. A side product of knowing the preciousness of the moment and the resulting intense with us is also, that us is striking virtually effortlessly, with how much nonsensical stuff ‘, which is not our own, we us needlessly make life difficult. That us so in very light and easily digestible manner the Insignificant things becomes aware of which we carry unnecessarily at this moment as excess baggage on our back. We so this nonsensical insight from facilitating making load, without still too much to hold, yes almost without additional effort, say goodbye and let go can, when we encounter the true essence of things through real contact with the moment. And thus I would like to emphasize last in addition, that the whole preciousness of the moment only immediately reveals itself in the face of impermanence.