The Children

Some of my friends had made question to demonstrate its reprovao, leaving of close to the improvised wheel, worried excessively to use to advantage this moment of descontrao. As soon as I made that yes with the head to start, some children had quickly raised its hands, anxious to have its answered questions. Starting for age order, I imagined, by mistake, that the question of new would be most easy. It surprised me to Oscar at its question, however. – As it is to be the last adult with a heart of really? The children had looked at the small boy of eight years, without hiding its surprise, and later they had returned its attention for me, waiting for my reply.

My lips if had bent in a sad smile, with souvenirs that many times I begged so that they left my mind. – He is solitary. Very solitary. I answered, without finding better words to express the feelings that if possessed of my heart. – Solitary as? – one of the children inquired curiously, with a confused look and patched? It is because others do not exist that nor you? – Yes and not. I answered, trying to find a way to explain it felt as me. After one soon pause, I continued? My parents had been despaired when I ran away from the procedure for my transplant of ciberntico heart.

They had found that I was wild. Some years later, I was declared died for the authorities, that said to be impossible somebody to survive for much time displayed to the virus. According to them, my heart would have to be degnerated in few years. – But then you do not possess no implantation? one of the children asked, with a curious look. Freeing one soon laugh, I made that with the head, causing great agitation does not enter all the gifts in the wheel.