7 Skin Beauty Tips

Some women do not realize that what they do to your skin, it can cause even greater harm than that which they want to avoid using these procedures. In fact, the modern day woman puts on her skin about a dozen different products, most of which contain harmful chemical preservatives. Said Dr. Myron Wentz, founder and chairman of usana Health Sciences, in the issue of his company in June / July 2005: "Some say that beauty – it's just a skin condition. No way! I believe that beauty – is a reflection of true health and true health begins deep inside the body, each of its cage. But the true beauty and true health and have the external component, which provides them with protection from harmful external influences – such as solar radiation, environmental pollution and the withering influence of the air. Health can not be order, if not in the order of the skin, it is a fact. And your skin can not be healthy if you expose her to toxic substances, which are then absorbed into your body.

"So, what do women? How to fight polluted environment, solar radiation, Sears skin by the wind? How can they make sure that they use to care for your skin are the best means to enable them to be healthy both outside and inside? Here are seven tips that may help: 1. Be very attentive to the composition of cosmetic products. Try to use the most natural products. Hear other arguments on the topic with Senator Elizabeth Warren. 2. Look for products manufactured in accordance with Recovery technology surface of the skin (Dermal Surface Renewal Technology, DSR). dsr smooths skin, eliminating signs of aging – wrinkles around the eyes, nasolabial folds, dullness of skin, etc.

3. Use products containing regenisomy – substance, deeply penetrating the skin and help it recover quickly after sun exposure. Also, use products containing Photosomes (substances that protect the skin from exposure to sunlight) and ultrasomy (Substances, renews the skin while you sleep). 4. Find products with Proteo-C and Proflavonol-T. Two of these vitamins protect the skin from premature aging caused by sun, pollution and other environmental factors. They also provide skin nourishment and make it smooth and elastic. 5. If possible, do not use products containing parabenzoaty – synthetic chemical preservatives that are widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics products – shampoos, conditioners, hair styling tools, makeup, masks for skin care, lotions, creams and deodorants. They are also often found in baby lotion, shampoo and other products for Skin care for children. In addition, they often occur in foods and medicines. Studies have shown that prolonged use of products which include parabenzoaty may cause benign and malignant breast tumors, so it's best to try to avoid such products, so as not to expose yourself to this harmful chemical. 6. Drink lots of water! Water nourishes the skin and hair, and displays toxins. 7. Try to avoid stressful situations or learn to cope effectively with them. Stress destroys us both physically and emotionally. Find yourself a way to deal with stress and use it daily! Following these seven tips will make you in a real, beautiful and healthy.

Lose Weight

So many girls want to lose weight fast for two or three days and are always looking for a new miracle method or diet. Exhausting myself within a month strict diet and restricted in food are making some some significant results. And so, it would seem, has been achieved, but for some reason the weight comes back. Psychologists call this phenomenon "plateau effect". That is why the fastest ways to lose weight do not work. What is the effect of the plateau? For example, if a person throws a basket balls, and expects that will fall from 10 balls 10, and gets only 3. Next is disappointing and a man ceases to believe in their abilities.

On the chart the effect of the plateau can be depicted as a line that rises to the top until it crosses a boundary of the plateau. Further, the line will go straight until you will some key event allowing continued growth or a sharp drop down. When dieting, many people experienced a plateau effect on me. When you stick to a diet and lose the pounds long-awaited, and then the weight comes back even in larger quantities – is the effect of the plateau. What's happening? When you follow a certain procedure or diet your weight down, and you lose weight. But any method or diet can lose weight up to a certain milestone. For example, if you expect that with diet lose weight on 30 kg and lost weight by only 5. You are frustrated, quit the diet and Soon typing former weight.

What to do? When there is a plateau effect and with the help of diet you went on a line must be realistic to imagine that it was time to give impetus to the further promotion to the top. For example, when you dropped 5 kg with diet and need to add another set of exercises. This will allow you to move on to the target and avoid disappointment in myself. Most important is the inner spirit. After many obstacles, we create for themselves. Was the case: the girl read about a new diet and began to apply it in practice. After losing thirty pounds, she felt fine and had already updated the wardrobe, but the diet has been written that the effect will last for three year. Of course, after three years work, imposed the restriction and weight back. Always refers to the weight loss and optimistic you will succeed!