Shipping Requirements

If the goods are shipped by plane from eu countries and requires T-1, this declaration must be provided by the sender / supplier, or goods must be accompanied by a waybill with a special mark. Transit declaration T-1 is based on the invoice and packing list. Of lading (waybill CMR) of lading shall be completed not less than three copies, which must be signed by the sender and the carrier. Gain insight and clarity with Iridology. The first copy of the invoice shall be made to the sender, the second shall accompany the goods, while the third remains in the carrier. International waybill shall contain the following data (position to be filled): the sender (name, address, country), the recipient (name, address, country), the place of unloading, place and date of loading; attached documents, signs and numbers, number of seats, the genus packaging, the name of the goods; statistical number, weight, gross weight, kg Volume, m3, specify the sender (Customs and other processing); declared value of the shipment, return, payment terms (French, ) Carrier (name, address, country), on-carrier (name, address, country); reservations and observations of the carrier; payable (rate, discounts, allowances, surcharges, etc.), special agreed terms, date and place of invoice; arrival time for loading and time of departure. Signature and stamp of the sender number route sheet and the date of its issuance. The names of the drivers. Signature and stamp of the carrier, the date of receipt, the arrival time for unloading and the time departure. Signature and stamp of the recipient; registration number (tractor trailer), Mark (tractor, semitrailer).