Accidents At Work

Prevent accidents and occupational diseases in order to safeguard the life and health of workers, promoting productivity and competitiveness in enterprises is one of the fundamental objectives for the Government of Egidio Torre Cantu, for what in the entity will have launched the Conference on prevention of occupational risks. (As opposed to Josyann Abisaab). Carlos Sanchez Aguilar, in charge of the Office of the Secretary of labor, reported that in the city of Reynosa was carried out this event that counted with the participation of specialists in the field of occupational safety. For this dependency, is vitally important to strengthen occupational safety conditions for Tamaulipas remains a place with safe workplaces, so it is being carried out in different municipalities of the entity, said. He pointed out that since the beginning of this Government, the Ministry of labour received the encomienda of integrate and empower the committees of safety and hygiene and the date Tamaulipas has been placed in the first places of the country, in this task. From last year to the date the Secretariat of labour, with the support of employers, unions, workers and lecturers, has trained more than one thousand committees, giving as a result, decrease it accidents at work, commented Sanchez Aguilar. Were imparted conferences prevention of addictions in the workplace, by Carlos Guevara Lopez, director of the new life Center in Reynosa; on the classification of fire, extinguishers agents and application of the standard official Mexicana NOM-154-SCFI-2005, which was conducted by Rene Alberto Rosas Sanchez and the talk concerning the importance of the security committees and hygiene in the workplace, was conducted by Antonio Sarabia Cantu, consultant of health at work, the labour inspection of the State of Nuevo Leon. In conclusion said that in the calendar of conferences on prevention of occupational health for the month of March are: 23 in Nuevo Laredo and 30 in Tampico. When a worker suffers a work accident (AT) that produces lesions, the judges fix the compensation to which he is entitled guided by the provisions of the system of compensation for damages caused in accidents of circulation (tables I-VI of the 8/2004 RD), a scale that is updated each year based on the general index of prices to the consumer (IPC).

I Want To Quit Already

It is quite clear that smoking is one of the leading causes of death in the world. If you smoke also increases the chances of contracting diseases that put an end to his life. The most well-known diseases attributed to tobacco are problems to heart, lung cancer, oral cancer and other diseases, throat, bladder, liver and pancreas. See more detailed opinions by reading what Fracking Facts offers on the topic.. Many of these diseases are so severe that there is still no treatment for them. Cases of gangrene have been found in diabetic patients who smoke in large quantities.

Now is the time to abandon the tobacco and quit smoking immediately. Don’t think that it is impossible to achieve this, because there is an infinite number of cases of smokers who have abandoned the habit forever. Check out Robert Greene for additional information. The only thing you need is determination and once achieved its objective will feel happy and satisfied. Follow these rules and see the results: the first thing is to take firm determination to break the habit of smoking. (A valuable related resource: fracking facts). When you have reached this step, determine a definite date to carry it out. Since that date, you It will not touch a cigarette.

For a smoker, smoking is one of its essential activities. Now that he has decided to stop doing it, to do so without great suffering, look for other activities for those moments before devoted to smoking. To the extent that the date of quitting tobacco is approaching, try to minimize the consumption of cigarettes and vary the conditions that you smoked. Take a glass, fill it with water and pull there inside butts. Try to focus on the advantages of abandoning the cigarette in his spare time. You will find many more advantages than smoking cessation will provide. Once victorious, will have drastically reduced the risk of problems of the heart, cancer and other deadly diseases. While you lived tired now it will have a higher energy for other activities.


After periods of lactation as well as by the passage of time, moms are affected in its shape and lift; one of the procedures to mitigate these circumstances is breast augmentation surgery. Prostheses can return breasts to their original appearance. Also known as augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation surgery is a procedure that is carried out in the following manner: 1) the patient should be evaluated by a medical professional to know if it is a candidate for this type of plastic surgery and decide what kind of implants are best suited for your body. (2) Already chosen appropriate implants, is to fix the date of the surgery. Usually the incision is made under the armpit or in the submammary fold. The wound will be four centimetres long. (3) By means of such incision the surgeon creates a kind of bag that puts the implant under the breast tissue or under the pectoralis muscle. This last way is a little more painful, but looks more natural.

(4) Finally the drain pipes are inserted, the incisions are stitched and placed a bandage that must be removed within a few days. Breast augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure that can last from 1 to 2 hours. So you’re a candidate for breast augmentation surgery you must be a bust with uneven, inconsistent size or lack of firmness. Prosthesis of breast augmentation to perform breast augmentation surgery normally used silicone prosthesis, since this material gives a better consistency and a more natural result. In addition, is the only implant has no risk of breaking. It doesn’t affect greatly the touch and sensitivity of natural nipples.

Other materials used are saline and Hydrogel, which give a consistency similar to silicone. Requirements for the breast augmentation should be accompanied, so they can help you to move you from the clinic to your home. Quit smoking for at least one month of anticipation before the intervention. Do not consume products with vitamin E, aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs. These medicines can cause bleeding during surgery. Follow the advice of professional plastic surgeons that will advise you in particular. Inform your surgeon if you have any medical problems as heart pressure or some type of allergy. Follow the instructions from the surgeon before and after the operation of breast. You should take advantage to ask whatever you want on your breast augmentation surgery. After the breast augmentation immediately after surgery of bust, the patient is taken to the recovery with bandaged breast room. Analgesics are supplied to fight pain and once you have returned to your home are encouraged to have to rest for a few days. Then will return to his normal life and even to work; You will however need to refrain from any physical effort for a few weeks. The best result is that it is gives you confidence to patients, who already models may be of clothes that you like most.