The Christians

To say something, no longer we are in a time in which a Pope can summon an army of cruzados so that they ahead take to the slaughter of Muslims and Jews. The Christians are even better Christians thanks to us those that we moved away of the belief in the superstition. Don’t mention it. I fodder that the moral of the humans is the result of a similar process to which it helped our ancestors to lower of the trees. It is in evolution.

It is not crystallized, and indeed for that reason it is that the form to take advanced it, generation after generation, is to act according to our vision of the world and our sense of the good and the evil. To infect the good, to serve as example. To leave our vision of the world flows and evolves instead of to anchor us in the ridiculous millenarian beliefs of small groups of shepherds of ewes. Somebody thought ” at some time; Che, is not that well to have esclavos.” or ” vo, able that the women also must have right to voto.” and thus she was that in the West we gave giant jumps in the civil rights. That is a fight that is continued giving and been one that the reactionaries with imaginary friendly continue reacting. As well as in questions of sexual health, of equality of sort and tolerance to the sexual diversity it seems to me imprudent to yield the word to him to organizations of old virgins who consider that the repression of the sexual instinct is a virtue; also it seems to me impertinent that those that adore to so vile deities advise to us on moral. Dear colleagues, friendly and relatives: them desire that have happy celebrations and I invite them that they have been looking for a sense of the good and the evil in his own ideal vision of the world and not in a flameante shrub of the Middle East for 5000 years.

Acne Skin

The people who suffer of the affection of the acne often ask how to fight the acne. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account, that the acne is due to fight in an integral way, at the same time as it is taken care of all the parts of the body. The acne is a problem that affects certain zones of the skin, producing eruptions in pores, floods of fatty material. Accumulated fat that normally says to mud or shinbones to him. The most common zone of appearance of these afflictions, is in the face. Nevertheless, this it is not the unique place where they can appear. The zone of the neck, the chest and the back also are places prone to suffer of these problems.

In order to fight to the acne, first it is necessary to adopt the suitable attitude. The part most difficult usually is this to acquire. The battle against the acne can be long. Although average pro of the treatment by means of medecines, can cause that the symptoms disappear in a moment, because the acne is a hormonal complication, that usually is you give by stages, the acne is appellant of certain way, and therefore it has that to have it in constant revision and maintaining it to ray. It is by that the suitable attitude becomes so important. The attitude is of patience and will to support during the time that lasts the stage.

Medecines would help to fight, besides a healthful regime of exercise and a suitable feeding. They are the simplest advice that they could be received in these cases, but is surprising the good who are. At the end of everything, the acne, with the suitable care and patience, finishes disappearing. And when the stage of the acne is surpassed and it is controlled completely, it does not return to appear in the life. And if it returns to appear, it is already known how to control it. Comprobadlo is a method 100% natural and guaranteed to eliminate the acne in days, nonmonths.

The Month

But returning to the advice of this article, many pairs are convinced that erroneously it is of much aid to avoid sex during the month, except in the period in which it is being ovulated. This comes from the idea that is ” ahorrar” sperm so that there is more when is needed it. In fact this is a very great error. It is truth that if you save sperm, is possible that there is more when the fertile stage arrives, but there am a great problem here. Robert Greene addresses the importance of the matter here. If it is not used, great amount of the sperm is going to be tired and weak, and it is not going to be able to fertilize the ovum. In order to be able to have the best opportunity of conception, it is necessary that the sperm this fresh air. This means that its pair would have to at least eyacular every five days throughout all the month.

By all means that this is not applicable when a woman is approaching the fertile period (ovulation), since every five days she is not going to be sufficient. To conceive a baby and positions it fertilization To conceive a baby of successful way implies to know the best positions to carry out the fertilization, your monthly reproductive cycle and your state of health. To conceive a baby and the pregnancy is something wonderful and simultaneously complex; nevertheless, he is exciting and satisfactory. Now I will give some advice you on the best positions for the fertilization: Advice # 1 Conocer its fertile period – Generally, the ovulation happens 14 days before its next menstrual period begins. For the women with a menstrual cycle of 28 days, day 14 can be the most fertile day of its cycle and the indicated one to be pregnant (the first day corresponds to the day in which its last menstrual period began). The women who have a menstrual cycle of 30 days, day 16 is the best moment to look for the pregnancy.


The human beings we have brings back to consciousness of we ourself, but in addition we have a complex one mental representation of us, who store relative data to our characteristics physical, psychological and social, the degree in which these are acceptable and desirable by our resemblances or how effective they are for solving problems and demands of means. It is to this complex mental representation that we have of we ourself, to which psychology has come to denominate like autoconcepto. A priori we could think that this information is stored in our brain, of aseptic form, but what in fact it happens, is that the people in addition we emitted a judgment of affability or displeasure, positive or negative on that information that of nosostros we arrange. It is this emotional evaluative dimension to that one has occurred in denominating like self-esteem. It is not absolutely clear what is its genesis and development and that factors contribute to her, but she knows herself are related to the experience intimately early between parents and children, equals and relations with the surroundings. James A. Levine, M.D. is likely to increase your knowledge. The self-esteem it is not a stable and static dimension of the person, as it happens with certain factors of personality, but dynamic, changing and modifiable, result of the interaction of the person with its surroundings. One knows that it keeps an intimate relation with other variables that psychology handles, like is locus of control (perception that has the subject of where the control of the events resides that mark their life) and autoeficacia perceived (adjustment feeling effectiveness and competition that the person has in relation to the facing of possible challenges and threats). It is clear that a positive self-esteem and a suitable and right valuation of we ourself, are a fundamental element for our mental health like individuals, but at the moment is not known clearly if the changes in the self-esteem of the subject are cause or effect of their state of mental health.


We already have clear that the eczema is one dermatological affection of the noncontagious skin, that it is characterized by the presence of pustules, scabs etc. The presence of these injuries in the skin entails to an infection risk but it is tried in time and if their cares are not the best ones, mainly because picazn that produce makes hopeles you to the point that you must rascarte causing reddening in the skin. Generally eczema can be presented/displayed to you of a dry and reddened form but I have seen many cases in which appears the eczema with liquids, habitually the eczema appears in elbows, hand, feet and behind the knees. For even more opinions, read materials from SAGE. The eczema from a natural point of view is a bad operation of the organism, since the skin is the organ that more accurately reflects the health of the body. Neal D. Barnard often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Therefore it looks for the organic causes that they produce your eczema. When the disease appears in the childhood, the infantile eczema is called frequently, essentially it affects smaller children of 3 years of age and rarely it is developed in you drink of less than 2 months of age.

Some symptoms with which you can identify your eczema are: The injuries that they cause much picor, blisters to you, exudation of liquid and scab formation that usually is located in the face and the hairy leather, also you they can appear in any place of the body as back of the knees, the hands, the feet and the elbows, these plates in the skin they appear and they disappear, and the injuries they are possible to be put to you like blackish or blanquecinas. Possible causes of your eczema: One of the main causes of the eczema they are the allergies by contact or ingestion, the inadequate feeding such as: excess of animal fats, spirits, you graze, chocolate, the excess of heat, along with some articles to dress very fit and the sweat in contact with clothes produces to you sarpullido. Some treatments: The treatment of the eczema generally requires of the presence of a specialist (dermatologist) since many medecines exist with use of a series products that they contain emollients, corticoids, antibiotics, immunomodulating and antihistamine. Suggestions: It is not recommendable to use soaps or chemical agents in order to wash the skin, nor to wet it much and as far as possible to avoid the changes abrupt of temperature.