90% Of skin cancer is located in areas exposed to the Sun the associations of Pediatricians remember that sunscreens are necessary at any age the use of solar creams of factor 15 to 18 years may reduce the risk of skin cancer by 78%, according to pediatricians. Even so, these recommended not exposed to the Sun too much and take all feasible measures for their protection, recalling also that protective creams are necessary at any age. The Spanish society of primary care Paediatrics and paediatric outpatient and primary care society have pointed out in a statement these and other essential care to keep at Bay the harmful ctos from the Sun and heat. It is convenient to renew frequently applying solar sunscreens, every two hours, and avoid exposure between noon and 5 p.m., which is when there is more radiation. In addition, point out that 90% of cancers located in the skin found in areas exposed to the Sun, so its protection is important. These two societies have been added during the period of summer vacation, that 8% of infant mortality in the summer period is due to drowning, should therefore exercise extreme vigilance in this matter. Source of the news: use cream factor 15 to 18 years reduces the risk of skin cancer by 78%