Corpus Juris Civilis

Ulpiano teaches us three fundamentals of life: to live honestly, not to harm anyone and give everyone what is theirs. AMay simplicity of analysis!, conceptual depth that respect and be respected, not to corrupt or be corrupted, do no harm to anyone, because stealing from the coffers of the state is causing harm to people who need what the corrupt robber steals. The wonder of the Corpus Juris Civilis, lawyers enlightened by the grace of the higher or divine. Everyone sees the Greeks as the Romans make a play almost perfect to be defended, for a return to the source, the changes now required but always within excellence as Gaius, Tribonio, Theofilo, Marcelo, Paulo, until Justinian I to thank members of the human race as what we legaron.Estan in some faculties trying to deprive the Roman law, this situation is not accidental, nor can we be silent. Some renowned Romanists should take the post that humanity inherited. Was the moment that moral crisis, and became a structural level, it requires the wisdom of the great architects of jurisprudence. We are looking at each other horrified watching the events of human starvation, crying in the wilderness without anyone to respond, to the most cruel death, destitution, it is better to die to see their children faint with disappointment, not being defended with all the strength and conviction that gave us culture, with much less in earlier times had already been launched COMMITTEE OF CRISIS and hundreds of think tanks as enlightenment in the world.