The municipality of la Orotava with 218 Km2, is the largest in Tenerife, located in the heart of the Valley of the same name, we can find places of much contrast, bathe us in its beaches (the bollulo, ducks,) visit the monumental area of this town one of the most beautiful beaches of Tenerife, delving into its rural landscapes, taste its cuisine in the typical Guachinches. Know your popular culture, enjoy its festivals and the hospitality of the villero (name given to the inhabitants of la Orotava) delve into any landscape protected area, for hiking in the area of forest and know majestoso Teide, which is located in its municipal term Orotava churches we can emphasize between its religious monumentsThe Church of the Immaculate Conception located below City Hall. The primitive Hermitage of Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion had its beginnings in 1498, in 1503 he becomes Curato, the current construction dates from the 18th century, the monarch granted in 1769 two records from Indies to Caracas for supports its construction, commissioned to plan and direct the works Patricio Garcia, solemnly opened in 1788, Baroque Temple par excellence, its facade has a convex polygonal plant. The central zone is more outgoing while its sides are recessed. The capitals are two spherical reliefs representing the Caribbean and the Canary Islands. Its Tabernacle is neoclassical style by Giuseppe Gaggini (Genoese) should also highlight the altarpieces of the ancient temple built into the new, the conception in the header of the Gospel and the prisoner Lord in the epistle. A leading source for info: Senator Elizabeth Warren. As curiosity I must mention that the funerary marble urn of Gaspar de Franchy, Marquess of el sauzal, which resulted in a lawsuit with Bishop Tavira is located in the chapel of la Inmaculada Concepcion by what could not bury it.

Living Better Earning Less

Is it possible to live better earning and spending less money? Although the consumerist structure of our society may seem otherwise, many families choose to dispense with a salary or reduce working hours in exchange for greater peace of mind and more time with sons and daughters. The decision to work less despite a reduction of income should be a voluntary decision, aimed at improving the quality of life. But how to achieve live with less, or less, need when everything points that each day we spend more and more? Here some ideas for a better life spending less: rent instead of buy.-This is not always cheaper, but if you go camping once a year, it may be better to rent equipment which acquire it. Buy second-hand in good state.-furniture and other objects, are perfectly reusable. SWAps.-nothing better than barter! Exchange hours of work products, or products for services, or any other type of Exchange that benefits all parties without having anyone to spend a penny of your money. View shopping in your own home-renew, recover, reuse furniture and old implements, giving them a new life growing inside House-makes your garden into a source of fresh and organic food. If you live in an apartment, you can grow herbs and small vegetables in pots.

Exchange hours.-an hour of your time teaching English to a friend, in exchange for an hour of legal advice, or cleaning your House, or look at your children, etc. Cuisine at home.-prepares bread, biscuits, beverages. Cook at home not only saves you money from purchases, if not much money in health exchanges your House by holiday-if you have friends in another city or country, you can propose them exchange their respective houses for vacation time. Gift time.-how much is worth the time? Time is money, they say. Then, what better gift for our children and for people who want to. You can do your time tickets to give away to your friends, for example. Do about a ticket of 3 hours taking care of their children while your friend has time alone with her husband? It best of spend less money is that it motivates us to make use of our creativity and relate us amicably with other people. It is separate from organic and good for our bolsilo: fun. Original author and source of the article.


Simply advertise and ready. Now look at or, or what is the difference? On the three website you showed, their main pages incite to take a single action, and only a single action. In the other pages we can take several actions. But at the time of the sale, there is a single action to take and with a good or very good sales letter. These two types of structures are quite different.

Since in the last three website you’ll find a system much more efficient, and also going to provide many more results. Site Web now see that it is a Web site and how it is structured. A Web site is, nothing more or nothing less than a place where different pages are centralized. I’m going to be a little more clear. If you have a page where you sell your mini course, have five where you put articles of interest for your visitors, you have another detailed where all your products, you have another where you allow to contact you and you have five pages where you sell products and services. All these pages together make up your Web site, the centralization of all these pages make your website.

I want to make clear something, before you continue, when I say sell the mini course am speaking of inciting the visitor subscribing to a mini course free of charge. I’m not talking about selling a course payment. But a letter from sale to make visitors leave you email address and your name it is clear? I am assuming that these consent that it should have mini courses by e-mail. I also assume that each page must lead the visitor to take a single action. We build our site? To build the site, let’s take an example. Suppose that you want to sell to parents of babies, books on Pediatrics.


When it comes to overcome the paralyzing effects of the same, your best bet is to try the 12 steps to freedom from codependency. This method will be of great help when it comes to learning more about himself and his own abilities. What is codependency? Essentially, it is the need to influence the lives of others by an extreme fear of rejection, abandonment, or punishment. Those who suffer from this often used this mentality as a defense mechanism, it is likely that when they were children have lived in a dysfunctional family. Instead of facing the disappointment of her parents, rejection or punishment, tried to anticipate their needs as much as possible.

An important part of the process of the 12 steps to combat and rid the CoDependency, is to recognize that this mentality is really a problem and contributes to unhealthy relationships. When it comes to this, there are two types of codependent to consider. The first is someone who constantly leans backwards to serve others. This may be the case of a more needy friend, within a group, It may be that always donate lunch money or makes the task of all. This could also be the housewife who always does everything possible to please her husband over his health, his mental well-being and dignity.

Those who need to break free of the co-dependency of this nature often don’t know enough of themselves as to behave differently simply validate its existence, in the well-being of others. If this type of people who see necessary codependency is not, they may develop extreme depression, anxiety or resentment. One of the 12 steps, is the recognition of this behavior for what it is: a humiliating and destructive lifestyle. The other type of co-dependiente is one that focuses on the control. An example of this kind of people required of codependency is the husband who insists on deciding from what his wife should spend money until you eat during the day. Control of your money to spend and insist that she will make everything on the road. The people of this nature do not always do it to be cruel what happens is that simply believe that their way is better and that your partner cannot survive without your help. As a result, when his advice was rejected, they feel angry, defensive, and hurt. Another part of the 12 steps, is to recognize that this behavior is harmful for you and those around you. As you learn more about by what paths you behave the way they do, it means more the importance of the 12-step process. The more works on this, easier it is get to recover. You can change this problem this based on a mentality of destructive, however putting energy and commitment.