Best Canadian Feature Film Festival

After receiving a huge number of nominations for the various festivals (including Best Director and Best Picture), the movie is not got no one premium, and as a result of the prize 'Genie' was just Molly Parker for best performance of the title role. And I must say, such a disposition of more than fair. Without exception, all playing the main roles in the film played beautifully, and Molly Parker got her prize on the right, perfectly performing the role of a quiet and closed girls necrophile. As for the movie in general, and its direction, in particular, here the situation is somewhat different. In one provocative topic and unconditional acting skills to make a quality film artists difficult, and in this case I have to establish the fact that it is a feature film, Kissed removed obscenities: sluggish, almost imperceptible direction (someone will carry it to the true merits, but I think this is not the best side of any film production) slow, often guard the scene and the overall development of the plot, very gray and inexpressive camera work – all this is not the best performance for the film.

And although the theme of necrophilia, human senses, charmed death in the movie shows more than good, overall production still smallish. But with all this – the film is worthy of very careful attention and my recommendation is rendered, at least from a purely cognitive goals Film 'Kissed' Canadian Lynn Stopkevich – undoubtedly the most mainstream film about necrophilia, though a few other topics touched upon (the ill-fated film, underground, 'Nekromantik' is a somewhat tasteless example, a 'Once mathematics lesson 'Nacho Cerda made recently and with the highest skill). Stopkevich, now she is 35, has made 'kissed' is quite interesting, with grants from the Canadian government. Despite the unusual subject, 'Kissed' was very well received in Canada and, to a lesser extent in the U.S She won the gratitude of the Special Jury Award for Best Canadian Feature Film Festival 1996 in Toronto. Based on a short story by Toronto writer Barbara Gowdy, "We so seldom speak of love ',' Kissed 'draws us lasting relationships between young women and dead bodies at her request. Her obsession begins in adolescence, when the playful pagan ritual dead little animals heralds beginning of the first month of the girl. This feeling of coming of age and the transition from one phase to another sheds light on 'Kissed' and gives it metaphor. The girl believes that she forward its charges from the country living in the land of the dead, and it retains a high spiritual relationship to their bodies and spirit.

'I saw bodies, twinkling like stars' – admires the main character of the film, hinting to us the nature of spiritual perspective, which we are about to obtain, as a character speaks of 'crossing' with her former lovers. This spectacular film, very beautiful and outstanding taste. How Stopkevich Carnell said Tom in a recent interview magazine 'Carpe Noktem', 'One of the reasons why I chose this story, was that I absolutely and utterly appalling death. It's almost like forced therapy! Entering the fight with something you most terrifying, not only have deal with it – erotiziruyte it. The greatest taboo film – not for the fact that she copulates with the dead men, but that the film even engaged in death. " Ischtonik:

Indiana Jones Cartoon

Miracle vehicle turned into a little Rapunzel, and now it is her hair after the singing of songs may return Witch pleasant appearance. The problem that cropped hair, this ability is lost. In general, the solution suggests itself is: a girl madam Gotel immediately stole from the royal palace, hid in the tall the tower and raised in the belief that outside the cruel world, cruel heart. So sit-ka you, my dear daughter, it's better here. And I've come to visit I will come by your hair regrown (You can not imagine how regrown ) climbing camp. (Male second cousin, hiking enthusiast, there is authoritatively reported that Rapunzel raises witch "slop cat" – the children giggling in the family looked disapprovingly.) Girls and "Mama" did not want to disobey, and the world have grown beauties increasing interest. But the problems not only for Rapunzel. Team thieves parkurschikov consisting of charismatic Flynn Ryder and his two companions, climbs in Royal Castle to steal the crown princess was kidnapped.

It goes without saying that the way these characters intersect: the chase, Flynn will hide in the tower Rapunzel. Well, an enterprising girl sees in this confluence of circumstances of the possibility of entering into the world. And what will be In principle, if you watched at least one Disney cartoon, then well aware that there will be a whirlpool fun adventures, songs, and mandatory happy ending. Well, Jubilee Disney cartoon from Judge not disappoint. This is Disney's pure, concentrated form.

Princess charming and large-eyed, a thief sensitive heart and noble soul, comic characters – the half-breed chameleons and frogs Pascal and Warhorse bloodhound Maximus, praise studio silent, but laugh at the complete program. The songs are relevant and good, and the room at the inn "Sweet Duckling" in general pure delight. With all that in this traditional 3D cartoon was very appropriate. Picturesque landscapes and flights Rapunzel on your hair look impressive, but really in the spirit of adventure of Indiana Jones at the exit of the tunnel forced to squeak with delight not only children. All together creates a wonderful impression of novelty and recognition both as a meeting with an old friend, who supposedly had not seen a long time, so now you know about him all the details. Narrative passages are clear in advance and can only watch as they will be served at this time. And even my little goddaughter said that the time to recovery Flynn she had somewhere seen (recently, a child watching "Beauty and the Beast") – it was not so important. Because a half hours flew by unnoticed, as a gift from watching "Rapunzel: entangled history" good mood, did not take place in adults and children for a long time. So if you missed the classic fairy tale, feel free to grab the child in his arms and go to view the anniversary of the Disney cartoon. That's just one little "but": moms of girls, be prepared to ensure that your child now for a long time does not want to get a haircut Oh, and hide the pan the first time: who knows how to Now baby will play in the "princess".