Alexander Herrmann

Even with complex adjustments to the chip you considerably cheaper get away as a new supply + installation and adjustment at the friendly dealers. If you’re lucky, a speedometer can be also repaired what almost never offered a contract workshop. There are cold solder joints, failed LEDs, stepper motors, for all appropriate repair facilities and spare parts. In the adjustment, then reinstated the original km value and ensures the cooperation of the speedometer with the rest of the vehicle’s electronic system. Mistake number 3 – “mileage is always detectable and trouble at the sale of the car” If there is a tachometer by the recyclers, good speedometer adjuster can adjust these very often exactly to the value from other stores of the vehicle. Usually, the setting on the exact mileage is not even needed, since in modern vehicles, all electronic components communicate with each other.

A replaced component E.g. with 0 is programmed then miles, thereby automatically corrects its value from the memory of the other modules. The dealer can determine though about the serial number of the component in the vehicle history report the Exchange, but no way to doubt the mileage, if everything has been correctly programmed. You can offer so later your car all alone, without having to fear any claims of the buyer. Conclusion: Often people do not know that you can save money with parts from the junkyard just because incorrect information may hold for the purchase of new parts. For the lower mileage correction must not go also abroad, because it is perfectly legal for repair purposes in Germany. If you have problems with the car electronics, so ask a recycler and a professional speedometer adjuster rather once, whether they can resolve your damage not cheaper than the garage of your car dealer. 2010, Alexander Herrmann

Bike Or Car – A Matter Of Conscience?

Of the for and from cars and bicycles, as well as the overcoming of the inner pig dog. Who does not know this problem. They had undertaken on the eve to drive the few miles to work by bicycle. As soon as it is but then as far as many of us do but backtracked and use the car. Visit Dr. John Mcdougall for more clarity on the issue. The excuses for your own laziness are varied and not infrequently extremely resourceful. “” Started by: it could rain today still, “up to: I want to appear not drenched in the Office” everything is part of it. The car is as important as us Germans hardly an other people. 50.184.419 cars in Germany were admitted on 01.01.2010.

At just more than 80.000.000 inhabitants, this is a pretty impressive amount. Upward trend continues. 70,000,000 bikes, these are but still much more widespread. Many Germans have so a bike and a car. That may sound Yes first time very laudable, but the bike is also being used? The car means for many speed, freedom and independence. In contrast to do this, the bike is often associated with effort, slowness and confinement in connection. But is that actually true, or is a fallacy? A strength of the car is definitely its potential speed. Finally you will manage hardly to go with the bike in six hours time from Munich to Berlin.

But when it comes to small distances in an urban area, it stops most quickly is with speed in the car. Testing car and bicycle to the distance 4, 10 and 13 kilometers in a city center during peak hours, the bicycle is behind the car for a maximum of three minutes. So, you can see that you every now and then should rethink whether it is pleasant to come with the bike liquid through traffic, or painfully long to be with the car in a traffic jam. Further, the question of independence arises. For some, the car is a kind of second home. That may be understandable, but the argument that the car at any time take one wherever you want, is also true for the bike. In addition, must be said that I must worry me thanks to the bike where and for how long I’m parked, or if I can get a parking space at all. From this point of view, the bicycle means in this context but rather freedom and independence. What not can be discussed away, certainly the physical movement, which requires it to come forward with the bike. But be honest. Is the effort by city traffic really so serious? Or is it not much more so that the fresh air ensures that you awake and good-humored arrives in the Office? Just overcome your inner pig dog and try it out. Their health and the environment will thank you. And before you now to the next excuse like, for example: “My bike is not working order” rush, here the Tip: go to and simply find the right bike specialists in your area. So nothing more in the way is a bit more athleticism in your life.