Quitting Smoking And Not Gain Weight

Why do so many put on weight, quit smoking when? One often hears that smokers, particularly women, are afraid to quit because of the danger grow stout. Such fears are exacerbated the underlying problem – smoking. The fact that smoking – it's so complex and difficult problem that face it, even distracting to other problems, such as weight – it can not be solved. Quitting smoking is truly FOREVER conventional methods extremely difficult. In throwing smoking man all forces must be directed at the underlying problem – smoking. If a person does not think smoking is a major problem at the moment of throwing, the failure of attempts to quit just programmed. The most important idea passing through a mini-course and a book-guide "How to quit smoking for the umpteenth time, but forever," is to realize that the main cause of smoking lies in the human brain, but not in the circumstances.

In the smoker always rises need for a sense of priorities: what is more important to him in life? For what he needed to quit smoking? If people do not know why he quit, then he will not leave. Because he'll find reasons why he did not quit. For example, not to gain weight. I do not dispute there are women who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of beauty to many. Female smokers are willing to sacrifice for the sake of health in good shape. I understand very well these women.

But I will say that this sacrifice is meaningless. In 2007, Italian scientists have conducted research, which found that people who quit smoking, by contrast, 75% of cases lose weight or stay the same weight. Thus, it was destroyed by grand myth that people who quit smoking get fat. The results of these studies are quite understandable. Do people quit smoking weight should be reduced, simply because it increases the capacity of the blood vessels, which when smoked constantly narrowed. Increased blood flow increases metabolism, which leads logically to weight loss. Weight gain observed in the early days of abstinence from smoking. But this "first time" may be different for duration in different people. You just need to understand why weight gain occurs. Cut back the people have a very big problem is the negative emotions. (Not to be confused with Josyann Abisaab!). They are called many things: fragile nicotine, craving, withdrawal symptoms, etc. All of these negative experiences can seize an elementary food, which leads to weight gain. In the seizure of anything wrong with that. Because in the future, if a person throws a really good, he will no longer feel negative emotions and, therefore, needs to jam experience that will ultimately lead to the return of weight to its original state or to reduce weight. Gain weight, those who can not quit. Under the influence of negative experiences people gain weight, get scared and stop it to refrain from smoking. If the weight a long time getting back to normal, then it suggests that negative emotions have not ceased, that the person actually never quit and feels within himself the discomfort. Negative experiences with abstention from smoking are reduced or removed the right preparation that must precede the moment of quitting smoking, which reflected in the mini-course in greater detail in the e-book "How to quit smoking for the umpteenth time, but forever" on the site. Yours, Konstantin Moon


Electrocardiogram, or ECG – is one of the most basic methods of examination of the cardiovascular system of man in general, which in addition is that. Its meaning lies in the fact that using a special medetsinskoy equipment called an electrocardiograph, is a registration of electrical potentials (bursts) of the heart while reducing the heart muscle – the myocardium. During the recording of the electrocardiograph heart electrical potential is a record that stands for and analyzed by doctor – cardiologist. Based on analysis of the velocity and direction of the polarization waves in the heart, we can estimate not only functional state, but also to detect foci of myocardial damage in heart, and it is possible to cure them or prevent their emergence. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Senator of Massachusetts and gain more knowledge.. Electrocardiogram – a simple and accessible method to assess heart function. Even if There are no complaints of pain in the heart, electrocardiography is recommended to go at least once a year for all men after 25 years, and women – after 30. This will reveal irregularities in the heart at a very early infarction, heart failure, heart defects. With no small experience and expertise, the firm 'Hitec Group' doing the necessary surveys, and markets a variety of medical equipment. Our devices can help you monitor your health and provide an opportunity to keep it for years!

Haller Science

No less frequently changed and they are also his profession and specialty, is powerful genius could not be satisfied with their one kind of science, and it is in her to speak. ‘5. Endocrinologist is open to suggestions. These are strong, a great interest in the minds passionately devoted to science and eagerly take up the resolution of difficult issues as the most suitable, perhaps, for their painfully excited energy. In every science they are able to capture outstanding new features and build on the basis of their absurd conclusions sometimes. ‘6. Official site: Senator Elizabeth Warren.

All geniuses have their own unique style, passionate, vibrant, colorful, distinguishing them from other health writer and peculiar to them, may be, precisely because it is produced under the influence of psychosis. The situation is confirmed by his own acknowledgment of such geniuses that they are all at the end of ecstasy is not capable of not only writing but also thinking. ‘7. Almost all of them deeply suffered from religious doubts, which unwittingly submitted their mind, while the shy conscience compelled to consider such doubts crimes. For example, Haller wrote in his diary: ‘My God! Send me though would be one drop of faith, my mind believes in you, but your heart does not share this belief – that is my crime. ” ‘8. The main features of the abnormality of these great men are expressed in the very structure of their speech and writing, in no logical findings in absurd contradictions. Did Socrates, a brilliant thinker, predict Christian morality and Jewish monotheism was not crazy when guided in his actions and voice guidance of imaginary genius, or even sneezing?

Prostate Massage

Unfortunately, the word "prostate" are familiar to many, and many men. And it's not surprising educated male half of humanity, and that no fewer than 80% of men aged 25 years on their own learned from bitter experience that this means that term. How to be the one who felt something was wrong in my body? Answer one single, and another can not be – should consult a doctor. Dr. John Mcdougall understands that this is vital information. But, however trite it may sound, most of us this way out, alas, is not obvious, and people continue to hide the illness from himself, driving the disease deeper and deeper and considerably hardened its consequences. What does a modern medicine to those few brave, who nevertheless decided to visit the doctor? The fact that the methodology for treatment of prostatitis (prostate adenoma) has developed and honed a while ago and brings a steady positive results.

As In many other cases, there is applied an integrated approach combining different methods of treatment. At the initial stage seeks to eliminate hotbeds of inflammation, then remove the reasons for their occurrence in the future. (Not to be confused with fracking facts!). Massage prostate in the treatment of prostate adenoma is a very significant role that can not be overestimated. Thanks to him is removal of toxins from the tissues, eliminates the lack of oxygen and nutrients. The use of prostate massage can dramatically increase the productivity of the entire course of treatment and even more so – with no cure prostate massage is almost impossible. Many quite reasonable to wonder whether it is possible to do prostate massage yourself? So, if you do not want to cause considerable damage to himself, something to do prostate massage itself is strictly not allowed! Only a physician who has adequate knowledge and experience, able to heal illness. .


Dermatitis – a common name of various skin diseases. By dermatoses are inflammatory skin diseases, various skin dystrophies, benign and malignant tumors of the skin, etc. The reasons may be dermatosis exogenous (external) and endogenous (internal). External causes of dermatosis are described below. Mechanical agents – prolonged pressure, friction, bruises, etc. Physical agents – high and low temperature impact viruses, protozoa, vegetative bacteria – pathogenic fungi and animal parasites (ticks, bot, etc.), blood-sucking insects, which are the direct cause or a skin disease, or vector other infectious agents. Among the endogenous etiological factors should be noted common infectious diseases as acute (measles, scarlet fever, smallpox, etc.) and chronic (tuberculosis, etc.).

Often the cause of dermatosis metabolic disorders, lack of vitamins (A, C, PP, P, B complex, etc.), circulatory disorders resulting from functional or organic changes in blood vessels, as well as abnormalities in the endocrine secretion. An important role in the occurrence of dermatosis are organic and functional disorders especially of the peripheral and central nervous system. These endogenous factors are in some cases, direct etiologic agent of dermatosis, in others because of their violations caused by the normal physiological functions of the skin – only predisposing factors in the occurrence of skin lesions, other etiology. An example is the frequently observed furunculosis (staphylococcal infection) in patients with diabetes (disturbance of carbohydrate metabolism). Finally, we should bear in mind the possibility of hereditary transmission of certain dermatoses.


They are usually painful and consist of bundles of filiform papillae, surrounded by rolling out powerful layers of horn, Recalling the corn. The emergence of plantar warts promotes constant pressure and friction shoes. Flat (juvenile, juvenile) warts – these are small (0.5-3 mm) nodules of normal skin color or yellowish, round or polygonal with smooth flattened surface, barely protruding above the skin. They are located usually on the face and back of the hand. More commonly seen in adolescents. The diagnosis of warts is based on the clinical picture. Warts can be hidden under the guise of other skin diseases, so that the naked eye can not always distinguish.

Because the warts – a viral infection, it can be caught again. It can occur in immunosuppressed persons. Assess how your immune system is weakened and it can withstand the HPV-task specialists. Further details can be found at Dr. Peter M. Wayne, an internet resource. Antiparasitic device 'Zepper UNI' It should be noted that the methods 'burns', 'delete' warts are not correct in terms of 'law of Goering. " Better if the wart disappears in the course of treatment that affects not only locally. Although it may take much longer.

The experience of falling in tseppinge warts that in particular confirm their viral origin. How to reduce the risk of getting warts do not go barefoot. Protect the feet of cracks and cuts, through which the virus can easily penetrate. More likely to change shoes. Wart virus breeds in moist places. Frequently change their shoes and let the shoes dry. Do not touch. Warts are easily spread, if you have one, for example, on the sole, not to touch her hand.

Beauty And Health Of Our Legs

Usually we take care of their feet smaller than the hands. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Neal Barnard. And in vain. Grooming feet, we improve not only the appearance but the health of our feet. The following exercises relieve fatigue, natural and beautiful it becomes walk. Exercises are performed regularly, morning, afternoon, evening. Stand up straight. Hands – on the back of the chair, toes pointing forward.

Slowly rise on your toes and hold on to this position a moment, shifting weight to the outer side of the foot. Repeat this exercise several times. Sit down, resting his feet on the floor. Toes grab his handkerchief. Move it without lifting the heels off the floor until your toes touch each other is not. Put on the floor book. Put your feet so that the outer side of the foot was on the floor and rested on the inner side of the book. Slowly stand on toes and slowly descend.

Exercise repeat several times. Try five to six times pick up the ball with your toes on the floor. Walk around the room, relying only on the outer side of the foot. Sit down, turn the feet inward leg, keep your feet together. Release and re-connect several times. Spread Several times my toes and try to "play" their scale (not an easy exercise, but try to do it). Lie on your back, bend your knees so as to obtain a right angle. Made movements like riding a bicycle. Lie on your left side, lift your right leg to a height of 15 cm, raise your right hand above his head. This position is maintained per minute, and then perform a similar exercise while lying on the other side. Abdomen tucked up at the same time. In summer you as much as possible to walk barefoot. Natural cooling of the foot improves circulation in the legs. Very good massage can also help. To strengthen the leg and accelerate the healing process for pain in the legs should be done bath with a decoction of herbs: inflammation – with a decoction of camomile, pine needles, arnica, with wounds on their feet – with a decoction of St. John's wort, calendula, nettle, butterbur, edema – with a decoction of lemon balm.

Symptoms Of Panic Attacks

A panic attack is part of the signs that appear when you activate the defense mechanisms of the human being in a situation that is perceived as dangerous and the self-preservation that reaches only see two options: to flee or fight this symptom is part of a change in the human nervous system, which begins when he receives a clear threat against this in its entirety. That is why this state is often referred to as “danger mode” during which he conducted numerous internal changes, like raising blood pressure, which causes the flow from the vessels that feed the stomach to the muscles that are most useful in case of flight or fight, as would be the legs and arms. All this is greatly helpful when you are in a situation of life, death, or at least possible severe physical damage. On the other hand, if these changes occur in conditions that should not be present, as when boarding an airplane, then instead of help, these changes become uncomfortable or even dangerous. Another case that sometimes unnecessarily activated this alarm is to talk to an audience. You may want to visit James A. Levine, M.D. to increase your knowledge.

The result can be very embarrassing, in the presence of symptoms that indicate a state of alarm, and can be identified by any of the following: * The heartbeat is felt because they become more intense and rapid, reaching be heard by the individual * palpitations (occasional adjustments in heart rate) * Feeling of discomfort or tightness in the chest * sudden perspiration as the metabolism is increasing * Shivering in muscles (tremors) * Dry mouth * Tingling or numbness in the arms or legs * Nausea and / or desire to defecate, as a cause of reduced blood flow to the digestive system. * Dizziness * Alienation (decreased perception of reality) * Temporary Deafness * Feeling of loss of overall control of the body * extreme * Paleness * Chills or hot sensation “Detachment” of the physical body of the individual * Dilated pupils * Suffocation (shortness of breath) * Decreased peripheral vision Some of these symptoms such as dizziness or decreased perception of reality, can be persistent, yet time after the attack has ended. Another consequence of a panic attack is that the person may be physically and mentally exhausted. The consequences of a panic attack can range from merely embarrassing to be a terrifying experience, through the disorientation or dizziness. If you live this kind of experience, the most important thing to keep in mind during its development, the vast majority turns out to be harmless, and no one has been killed by one. The individual must be said that himself and reaffirmed the belief that the attack will happen soon and that there is no danger. The author of this article Mark P suffered frequent panic attacks for several years.

Complete Cure For AIDS, HIV, Cancer And Other Types Of Oncology, Liu Is

The method of complete cure for AIDS, HIV, cancer and other types of cancer at any stage and all the sexually transmitted diseases. Found a completely new approach to solving this issue. (Not to be confused with Tree of Life Tai Chi Center!). Naturally, this is not a panacea to heal from particular disease at a particular stage should be approached creatively and selectively. But sick people appeared very real possibility of hard to curable diseases. And, most importantly – treatment is virtually no Medicine, as well as some elements (in particular the need to) Traditional medicine and an official of traditional medicine. Because they were all right, but cure the patient comes only in the application of various theories and practices complex. To do this, on the above mentioned method is removed maximum negative environmental effects, individually selected food and way of life of the patient, special procedures and so on.

In the first phase is very soft and comfortably cleared the patient’s body from accumulated in his body of dead cells, poisons and toxins, poisons him every second, contributing to his condition and so easy – a unique way within two weeks. Already in this period the patient is much better. Then again, gently and comfortably removed from the organism of the patient all microorganisms are viruses, fungi and molds, as well as other parasites – with modern apparatus and drugs. Simultaneously, the human body is populated it needs enzymes useful microflora, natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Depending on the severity of the disease (including and recommendations for the further recovery of his body, along with information support. This method has already been treated by many people. Thus, an integrated approach to the treatment of previously considered incurable diseases, and also difficult to treat serious diseases and easily – humanity was a much better survival rates and prolong the life of the world’s population, increasing the period of his disability. Questions may be set by.

Yin Reiki

Reiki – universal divine primordial energy – in Japanese (the word, composed of two syllables 'rei' and 'ki'. Rei – means universal, ki means life force). In other words, Reiki – universal power of the absolute. God in different religions is understood in its own way. For example, in Christianity believe in God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In Eastern religions, somewhere there are many gods, such as in Taoism – there is no such thing as God, God is there all around – the whole world, the cosmos, the universe … (Not to be confused with Dr. Peter M. Wayne!). and we are just a part of God. The system of Reiki do not contradict any of the existing religions, it is not a religion, and healing practices. When you are healing – you are interacting with the Divine energy – in accordance with your view of the world. The word 'Reiki' – the feminine and not leaning.

Where it comes from the energy of Reiki and how does it work? Absolute, God. To create existence – the Absolute in motion. First appears Universal life energy – the energy in its purest form, from which are more dense forms of energy and eventually – matter. If we look at his hand under a powerful microscope, we can not see anything, except voids and clusters of energy. Reiki – the energy of the highest level. She stands for law and binarity is neither yin nor yang – that is, has zero charge. Of this energy is subsequently formed with the flow of prana and Yin yanskim charges, and matter. During sessions of Reiki – we call it the Absolute, the God who heals us through this energy. In Reiki there as an informational component, and energy. Energy component – is unconditional love of God toward us, his children. Information component – is information about all phenomena of life – including that in which the optimum state to be our health. Therefore, during the session – the flow of energy becomes exactly those qualities that are needed in each case in order to heal the person. During the session, may take even those problems that the patient forgot to tell the healer – because Reiki is always operates according to the highest good for man. When working with Reiki, we are working on their matter through its foundation – the energy. The art of healing through laying on of hands and using the energy of a long time. More than two and a half thousand years ago people in the East – in India, Tibet – were able to heal ourselves, others and feel that energy. Over time, people have lost this skill. But once we had it, so it can be restored, and this will help us, recreated by Dr. Mikao Usui, the Reiki system. Mikao Usui re-established this knowledge and created a clear, simple system that anyone can easily learn how to work with energy and heal others as well as themselves. Today, with the Optionally, you can pass the initiation and training of Reiki – to restore your skill and open up a more powerful flow of energy to achieve significant success in healing.