Mental Health

The evaluation of psychic functioning allowed detect alterations and differential diagnoses. It focused on doctors and family members regarding the handling of information about what happened and its consequences, given that most of the patients were unaware of the facts accurately by entering unconscious. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Josyann Abisaab has to say. The management of information is adecuo according to characteristics of each patient and their clinical evolution. A sustained exchange of information with medical teams about the approach to patients and their families was carried out. Professionals were appointed to accompany the relatives during the medical reports, what worked for clarification of information, given that the impact against the severity of the clinical pictures, generated reactions of denial with the consequent difficulty to understand the State of health of patients.

On the other hand, a professional was appointed to accompany during visits in order to give support, containment, favouring the development and mental representation. Regarding the first emotional manifestations, stood out: indifference, apathy, confusion, impotence, detachment, denial and sadness to streamline the approach to patients, worked with the medical team, raising concerns and observations, articulating information in the medical histories and fundamentally, taking into account the characteristics of personality and family functioning modalities. In this way, decisions, such as opportunity in referral to medical clinic, approaches to content, opportunity and mode of communication of the facts, were adapted based on conditions individual and family. To promote tolerance to the situation of family members, a physical space be adapted to accommodate families, that flattering of a family environment turned out to be accompanied, tolerate the wait, the good and bad news shares with patients, family and medical team during admission in medical clinic in the rooms of medical clinic, where were derived stabilized patientsfocused actions of Mental Health in resolving initial difficulties in larelacion with new medical equipment, considered strangers. At the same time, was addressed eldesinteres return to home, apathy and denial with respect to what happened, and the difficulties of family and doctors to report painful events, such as death of friends and colleagues.

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